New to scientific glass - help!

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  1. I am new to high end glass and I am interested in getting a quality piece soon.

    I like scientific bubblers like this one:

    but I don't know much about them or other kinds to try.

    Who else makes nice scientific bubblers other than SG? Which is the cheapest?

    And is there anywhere else to get them other than aqual@b? Thanks! :smoke:
  2. I am a huge fan of governmint. I have an inline bub and it's the shit. A few of my friends are really into zob. I would definitely recommend getting a zob. They are extremely well made and great to hit.
  3. Sheldon black, vertigo, Luke Wilson 15 arm, b Wilson 6 arm.
  4. Thats actually a tube with a bubbler neck, but its pretty big. Those brands mentioned are good, and the least expensive way to get SG quality probably the SG. May be able to get a small tube from someone like GMD/GWO (user name: aaaneglicaaa ) or apix glass (username: smilyagent) with similar diffusion for less.
  5. save 350$ in your piggy bank and the stemline is yours :D :wave: :hello:
  6. thanks for your help.

    is there anywhere to get bubblers online other than AquaLT?
  7. i got the one you pictured in front which is The SG Mini Stemline with Natty Splash Guard....its the sickest piece i have ever owned and i have a Roor, 2011bc,Blackleaf, Iolite, I420 incredibowl, tons of other bubblers and spoons...none compair to the SG quality and diffusion...well the 2011bc is close but the SG is just so sick!



  9. Get this one on GC:
  10. I wouldn't. Thin ass china glass. As stated in another thread, u can get a legit toro micro for a hundred more

    But that micro circ is more along the lines of a bubbler then the sg u mentioned op
  11. HOLD UP... that a pillar perc tube in the back? Sweeeeeeet.

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