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  1. 20170121025543_530x@2x.jpg Wanting to start pressing my own rosin after going to the 710 cup here in Phoenix yesterday and talking to a rosin Tech rep for about a half-hour and pressing some flower. Decided I'm going to go with the Harbor Freight 20-ton since even though it's kind of janky it has what I understand is a good warranty. Was looking at Low Temp plates and was wondering if this was a good brand or are there better options for the same price point out there aside from the Press the plates heating element and cage as seen above are under 500. I definitely appreciate any help and advice.
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  2. Following for my own research... I imagine the event was a happening spot?

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  3. A ton of people and vendors this year. Alot of rosin and live resin. Rosin tech was there with their full line of products. Besides the dabs thats what caught my eye. Plus it was all free. Errl cup does a few patient appreciation days a year
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  4. looks way overkill for home use. How much rosin are you producing? Pressing flowers is not for most people unless you have a lot of flower to press. Use small batches and I think a hair straightener will be more than ample to process many ounces of concentrates in no time. put concentrates in a pouch and press under heat for a few seconds. done.

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