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  1. So my brother was visiting me and my parents (I'm still a senior) and he gave me a bunch of Oxycodones because his fiance is making him give them up. So the pills are:

    Oxycodone w/ APAP 5/325 (Generic for Percocet 5/325) <---- found this info online on an identifier, so I know these pills are legit.

    How should I take them, and how much? I looked on Erowid and it seems like not many people have bad experiences with this drug. I also saw that many people take them in different ways. Should I just take them orally? Snort them? Dissolve and do a CWE? I really just don't know. I also need to know how many I'll need for a nice high, nothing too intense my first time.

  2. Just take two or three if you have no tolerance. Should give you a nice mild buzz
  3. drop 3 of those bad boys.With mild to no tolerance you'll be feeling pretty good
  4. that's if you pop them. you can snort them if you do a CWE but don't snort them if unless you're gonna do a CWE because the acetaminophen isn't good for your nose and the hydrochloric acid will deteriorate your nose
  5. Alright I'll take 2 at first and if I don't feel anything after a little while I'll take one more. By the way, how long does it take to start feeling the effects of these pills? Will it be faster if I parachute them (crush up and wrap in tp)?
  6. 4 by themselves, if your smokin a bowl take at least 3.
  7. yeah just parachute them or chew them. idk why people don't just chew the pills, alot easier lol
  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of oxy!
  9. Just swallow the tablets whole and wait 30 minutes on an empty stomach. If you've eaten more than a light meal within the last two hours, you should feel the effects somewhat within one hour. I hope you enjoy your experience, my girlfriend is bringing me some oxys this weekend. :D
  10. Thanks for good wishes on my experience guys. I just parachuted 3 of the pills and I haven't eaten all day, so I hope Iill be chilllllllin soon haha. I'll update this thread later to tell you how it went.
  11. you should be feeling them right about now if you took 3 on an empty stomach. hope you're feeling good.
  12. your oxys are slightly stronger then his so you may only want to take 2-2 1/2
  13. ^^ Actually mine are stronger :p.

    5/325 = 1/65 = 1mg of oxy per every 65mg APAP

    7.5/500 = 1/66.6 = 1mg of oxy per every 66.6mg APAP

    They're pretty much equal tbh.
  14. just pop a couple bro,and you will be feeling nice.

    o ya if you play any instruments,guitar,piano...etc,you should deffinetely play opiates always enhance my musical creativity.
  15. His has more oxy in them though, so for three pills it's 22.5mg vs. 15mg.

  16. Good point. But... it does not relate to how many pills to take
  17. but if you did a CWE, who would have more oxycodone? he would so i'm going by about of acetaminophen, not by how much acetaminophen there is for every 1mg of oxycodone
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    Alright I've got it with the oxycodone thing, you win lol.

    But... I've taken 4 now and it's been about 55min, and I hardly feel a buzz (even that could be placebo). So I'm starting to get some doubts... should I pop another? I'm nowhere near the suggested limit of oxy or APAP, so it can't hurt, right?

    And thanks for the tip jack, I'll play some guitar when I get the answer to my ?
  19. No, just wait. One more wont do anything an hour into it anyways so it would just be a waste.

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