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  1. Im thinking about putting a plant outside in the woods behind my home and I have don't indoor grows before but never outdoor. What are some of the things I would have to look out for when Doing an outdoor grow. And I'm in the southeastern region of the US when is it to late to start an outdoor grow.
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    it's kinda late to be start growing outdoors in the US.
  3. In the woods? You best prepare for deer or other animals to eat your weed. What about mold or insects?
  4. Thanks for the feed back this is exactly the things I had no idea about. Guess its not worth it since I can't keep it unseen since I wasn't trying to get to deep in the woods
  5. It is worth trying ,worst case you get small amount of produce over all you will learn something and that's why it's worth trying , don't be discouraged by insects or animals , depending on where u are research plan and execute
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    autos will work started now
    the main things are sun, an airy soil mix, enough nutrients (horse manure + bat guano or bone meal is good enough), water.

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