New to outdoor need help.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Drew alexander, May 7, 2016.

  1. Okay so I vegged these plants since like early February in the closet. I put one of them that looked like it was dying in the soil and now it is flowering and looking great.
    But I know it's going to start vegging again in mid June . I set them out to early but I'm wondering if there is a chance I could harvest the buds it has on it now?

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  2. Just wait man, trust me, once it is completely finished flowering, it'll be great.
  3. Also you should think about cutting the low leaves so the top will get all the nutrients and food and get nice and thick stems with some fat buds
  4. How long should I wait? Someone told me that all the bud that is forming on it now will rot away and it will start to reveg in June. Is this true?
  5. Thats absolutely true. Like said above, just wait and be patient. I have a few outdoor ladies that are in DEEP flower, like cola status. Even those will flip back to veg, and ill need to prune out the buds so they dont rot. You can technically keep and smoke said buds, but they wont be mature really. The process of revegging could turn your plant into a beast though. Also, i agree you should trim off some of that lower growth for sure.

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  6. This one came out of flower already, and you can tell how nice it will be come sept/oct [​IMG]

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  7. ok so i should just leave her alone and wait till she revegs and then then prune all the nugs off?
    thank you for your feedback. alot of help
    happy grow
  8. [​IMG]
    Started early enough in warm enough places like here in Southern California a spring harvest is more then possible.. Vegged in winter and set out to flower on March 1st they are nearly done..
    General rules for outside.. Clones and seedling more then a month old can't go out until June 1st without additional lighting..
    Clones under dusk till dawn solar lights.. Just one way of keeping plants in veg before June 1st..
    Seeds can be direct planted May 1st as the young seedling are not light aware for a month and by then it's June with enough light hours..
    Only June and July can be counted on for good vegging and plants grown outside that range need to be raised under 16-8 for the best time match..

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