New To Outdoor Growing- Some Help Needed

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jirk5155, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Around 2-3 weeks ago i planted 3 seeds from unknown strains, they were seeds i had gotten from a friend and from some bud i have smoked. Two of those three have already grown and one is about 3 inches tall- the other about 1 1/2-2inches. I am growing outdoors in plant pots and need a bit of help.

    *Note* I live in the midwest U.S. so the tempature is usually around 70-80F all summer long. Very rare to reach 90F.

    Problems i am having occur:

    1. I really do not know when and how to repot my plants. I'm thinking soon, maybe as soon as tommorow (6-2-10). But am unsure.

    2. I live in a fairly populous neighborhood and there are people who, if they see my plants when they become more mature and grow those so distinct leaves, will notify authorities. I have no clue where to put my plants once they start getting that mature. I have a fairly large forest very close to my house and am thinking about putting them down there. But i am worried that either random critters will nibble on my plant, or it will not get enought sunlight.

    3. Watering, not 100% sure when is best time to water. At the moment i am just watering when the soil starts to look and feal a little dry.

    4. Would like a link to a good timeline with pictures, or if anybody can give me one of there own. If you can, it would be nice to include repotting times, as well as time when the leaves will start to become distinct.
  2. Repotted today.

    New pot is around a foot and a half in diameter, hoping this might work for the rest of its life.

    Today there was a little rain storm, when i got home one of my plants was really droopy. It didn't look broken anywhere, but could hardly stand up by itself, i hope it wont die because of this :confused:.
  3. Stake it if you can. Good look and get pics up when you can!
  4. Will get pic's as soon as i can, which will likely be this weekend.

    As of right now i came home today and the one that got hit with rain is still very droopy, staked it up again because the other one had fallen.

    Other plants besides that one is looking very good.

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