New to Organics, question on getting soil from nursery

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  1. Basically want to know if the soil used at nurseries to grow their plants can be used for mj?
    A buddy of mine has been using some for 6 weeks now and his plants has no signs of deficiencies or anything.
    Any ideas?

  2. Hey there.

    I doubt your friend will be able to finish his grow with what he's using. I doubt that it's any different than most of the bagged soils geared towards cannabis growers (Roots, Fox Farm soils, etc...). They always run out of gas around 2-3 weeks into flowering.

    We tend to mix our own around here...

    Your buddy may have to top dress with amendments like kelp, neem, and alfalfa meals, as well as EWC slurries to get those plants through to harvest.
  3. His is only under one 40w Light. I doubt he's taking it serious but since his did way better than my hydro grow (which i invested 1500 into and he spent 0$) i thought maybe i was doing it wrong.

    I just thought maybe they did mix their own batch with stuff like the organic growers use. Maybe not.
    Thanks for the help Bud! Lol
    Best way to tell what's in it is read the label and compare it to the ingredients listed in the link I provided.  But chances are they didn't add enough ingredients to finish the grow.  Very few bagged soils do.
    That's why we mix our own.  Cost comparison wise, it's a lot cheaper in the long run to mix your own, whether your talking hydro or bagged soil.  Especially if your mix large amounts of soil.  The cost benefits are especially realized down the road because you can reuse your soil over and over again.
  5. 'preciate the help bro. im still going to head out and buy FFOF and several amendmentss as well. 
    Will also run his soil for comparisson, and a hydro set-up all for comparison.
    Thanks again!
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    You got it, man. 
    We love comparison grows around here!  Would love to see some of your results when you have them.
    Good luck!
    If you mean bagged soil, then what has been said above is probably correct.
    If you mean the soil they use to grow plants for sale, then maybe, maybe not.  Depends on the nursery.  Some are all about getting plants up and looking pretty quickly then selling them to you before the soil peters out.  If, on the other hand, your friend works at a good organic nursery, particularly one growing food plants, you may have access to a black gold mine.
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  8. I live in a good farming area of florida. I'll ask what they grow there, but he says they grow in coco coir and mix there ingredients up with vermiculite. I have to ask what else, but he has acess to ferts and coco coir and alot of stuff. Brought over a big batch of some last night. I guess my friends soil will let me know how long i have til mines "peters" out . Ha! 
    *fingers crossed* That would save me hella time and $$ and have a proven recipe!
  9. If the soil is produced at the nursery then it should be already fully composted
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