new to ordering how many beans should i get

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  1. i plan on ordering several seeds. what is the recommended # of seeds to order so the best pheno of the strain is gotten. also are regular or fem recommended. i see attitude has pick and mix single seeds. is one enough of each strain i want or should i get 2 or 3

  2. Some of your questions would be based on luck and personal preferances. Regular seeds tend to give a higher variety of phenos. But that could also depend on strain. Some strains they have dialed in and spit out the same thing basically over and over. Some strains have lots of variations. You could get 1 seed and get the best pheno possible, or you could go through 50 seeds and not see that super plant you were hoping for. The way females are made, I do believe, is why there are less variations and phenos. But females seeds do have more of a tendency to hermie than regular seeds. But once again there are plenty of variables that could affect it.
    On the other hand alot of seeds are sold in packs. You could get a 5 pack or a 10 pack of the strains you like and that will give you a little more opportunities. One thing you should really keep in mind. It is very hard to grow a new strain to max potential on the very first try. Each strain will have its own likes and dislikes that generally take a few grows to work out. Your 4th attempt should always be better than your first attempt. To really judge how a strain is I would recommend growing it 2-3 times atleast. Or, at the very least, know when you grow just 1 that it is a semi-poor representative of the strain itself and it can get better.
  3. I got feminized from Nirvana, turned out to be good (link in my signature) .
    P.S.Why would spend time on regular seeds?
  4. i found very good they ship worldwide free have a look well
    cheapest ive found pus they have not failed me yet
  5. I prefer regular seeds as well as alot of people. Even though there are times I end up with less total than I wanted and sometimes I end up with more, I love the variety.
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