New to oil, a few questions

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Elliot Plur, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. I just started getting into the dabbing game.
    I made some rosin of my own and dabbed it through a mini rig I got in a glass subscription box.
    Deciding that I enjoyed it so far, I bought a decent oil rig and domeless titanium nail and a heady looking torch. :yay:

    But I've come up with a few questions that I'm really not sure about and was hoping you blades could help guide me in the right direction.

    The titanium nail doesn't fit completely. It makes contact right at the start of the female 14mm connection. But the dome that came with the piece sits properly on the joint. I made absolute sure that I had the right size, and I do. It just doesn't seem to fit like I expected. Is this normal? Will the metal, over time, expand due to rapid heating and cooling cycles? Or will it expand while its hot, fall down the joint, only to crack it once it cools down?

    Also, about how hot should the nail be when I take my dab? I've experimented with hotter and colder dabs on my mini rig and saw no difference. I always goaled for just when it turned red, but I don't really know what a guideline would be.

    And my final question. Is a carb cap required? I didnt use one before and I haven't tried using one yet simply for the fact I don't have a proper carb cap. Does it make a difference? What even is the function of the carb cap
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    Not sure why it doesn't fit right if you got the right size, I am getting a 14/18 highly educated domeless titanium nail in the mail next week and they should fit the joint of either an 18 or 14mm rig...But yeah the titanium shouldn't expand or contract much from the heating and cooling.

    I usually get one side of my nail red hot, then I count to at least 8 Mississippi and take my dab. The difference between hotter and colder dabs is basically the colder dabs will be lest harsh, taste better and none of your material should burn. The carb cap is for taking lower temp dabs because you can let the nail cool a little, drop your dab on the nail and throw the carb cap on which will hold all the vapor and heat in and help you get a nice milky hit at a lower temperature.

    Edit: Since I got my domeless in the mail I had to upgrade to a larger torch and now have to wait at least 20 mississippi for it to cool down properly, I need to adjust how long I am heating it but I am barely getting it red hot right now
  3. i almost always use a carb cap and go for low temps. if I'm using a torch I usually heat my nail until its just BARLEY starting to turn the slightest bit red then wait a good 15-20 seconds then dab then throw the carb cap on. keep in mind this is on an omni nail and all nails will be different, also if you dont have a carb cap available just use something glass; old dome, pendant, bottom of a shot glass. just be sure its either glass or real titanium. you want the majority of the hit to milk up post puttin on carb cap

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  4. I really want to get a carb cap. They are very cheap too. Don't know why I'm fucking around lol.

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  5. I got one to go with my new HE domeless, went for the ballpoint tip. I usually use a different dabber to break off a piece of shatter, but the ball point works really nice, can barely touch the concentrate on the nail and it just falls right off.

  6. (My daily driver dab rig is a chinese knockoff full size of these i got at my LHS){get this @MochaBearBlazed }
  7. quit fuckin around then son.

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