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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by 420Merkaba, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. What's up my fellow stoners. :wave: After movin up to Bedford, New Hampshire from Texas and not having bud I found this site which has kept me sane this 3 weeks of soberness. It's a great contact high. Living in Texas I had to deal with the shitty mexican schwag until I found the wonderful dank hookup down there. After lurking around here as a guest, I thought I'd make myself a permanent member and register. So I thought I'd see who else is chillin in southern New Hampshire and how's the bud situation up here? Anyone goin to college in Manchester? Just started my semester at Manchester Community College. So, to wrap it up, I'm lovin it in my new home in GC and please someone lead me to the dank! :smoke:
  2. i'm chillin out in rochester man, hit me up if ya need anything
  3. this thread is against the rules !!!

    but welcome and good luck man. it's around.
  4. Nice move! I'd live in NH over Texas any day :)

  5. im gonna be in ur exact exact same shoes, come febuary. any luck?
  6. He was still good up until the last sentence I think...

    Dude, your not allowed to ask for hookups on GC...

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