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new to mmj, advice pls...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sweetie, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. hi All,

    i have decided to try mmj for my health and medical issues.

    a few years ago i had a sound injury and now i am overly sensitive to loud sounds (probably normal to most of you). this has limited my ability to go places. i am often depressed because of this.

    plus i get migraines and have back pain and pain elsewhere in my body ongoing. i don't think it's fibromyalgia but not sure what it is, but i do think my brain is over-reactive.

    i did find my sensitivity to sound was made better by mj, much to my surprise. but it has caused headaches when smoked... wonder if I could be better off doing something different here? that would make a huge difference if that didn't happen.

    it's great for elevating my mood, and nausea, so i would like to make this work.

    i have been concerned about mmj for these reasons:
    smoking may make migraines worse not better... (would eating be better)?
    i want to be functional during the day (at night... i am open minded!)

    however i don't want to take prescription rx's like lyrica and antidepressants. i'd like to get off everything if i could, like pain killers.

    i would love some suggestions. where to start out? topical? hash vs. mj? edibles? how to get started?
    does it work differently for different people?

    also have other people here found help? especially with brain oversensitivity. and sound sensitivity. i read that a lot of folks get help with pain and mood!

    i am excited i thought to give this all a try. just not sure how/when etc to start.

    thanks so much in advance,
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    You sound like you could definitely benefit from cannabis.

    Certainly, I've dealt with numerous migraine patients who have reduced their number of migraines by solid amounts- 50-90% less migraines per month. I don't experience migraines, but I do know those people have developed some specific techniques of using cannabis to avoid them.
    They all seem to agree if you let a migraine start, there is little cannabis has to offer to stop the migraine. The key is prevention, and getting to know your "aura" pre-symptoms. Using a good sativa when you feel the first migraine symptoms is the best short term prevention.
    Long term, these patients mostly use low-doses of edibles, morning and afternoon, which keeps the migraines at bay.

    Anti-depression and mood elevation is tricky because everyone is different. Experimentation, and always keeping doses low to be "functional" is a must. You can't anti-depress yourself by smoking yourself into a stupor. For this you would want to get a knowledgeable provider who can guide you on how to best use cannabis for anti-depression.
    Importantly, for depression, cannabis is best used in conjunction with other integrative medicines- exercise, entertainment, learning, eating healthy, basically things that make you live life and enjoy it more. These combined pull people out of depressive states.

    Sound sensitivity and cannabis I have never heard of. It has piqued my curiosity however, i'd like to hear more about how cannabis relieved the sensitivity.
    Was it an actual lowering of acute hearing-sensitivity? Was it a lowering of the pain associated with the sensitivity? Was it a distraction from the entire aspect of your hearing being sensitive?

    To address some more specific points:

    "i did find my sensitivity to sound was made better by mj, much to my surprise. but it has caused headaches when smoked... wonder if I could be better off doing something different here?"

    Smoking too much, and smoking low-quality cannabis can cause headaches. Doses need to be kept low enough to feel, and thats it. Low-quality cannabis will be harsh and not have enough active ingredient to make it worth inhaling the burnt plant material.
    Some strains will cause a drastic spike in blood pressure, than under certain circumstances cause a headache.

    This question makes it sound like your hearing sensitivity and headaches might be related. You should see a doctor or neurologist about this.

    "smoking may make migraines worse not better... (would eating be better)"

    Eating is much better for long term prevention. Of course, you want doses low enough so that you're not a walking zombie, and dosing continuously throughout the day. Smoking the right strain can provide shot term migraine relief though, if done early on.

    " would love some suggestions. where to start out? topical? hash vs. mj? edibles? how to get started? "

    Smoking small amounts, and eating small amounts. Hash and topical wont provide adequate relief for your ailments.

    "does it work differently for different people?"

    Definite yes. Experimentation, if possible in conjunction with a knowledgeable provider is key. Everyone finds their own technique, preferences and schedule.

    Lastly, what state do you live in?
  3. Yea. With the headaches you should try a different strain. Maybe Blue Dream, because it gives a cerebral high. I think that would do the trick. You should do some research on different types of MMJ and figure out which ones suit your needs.
  4. #4 Sweetie, Oct 11, 2010
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    Hi Lebowski,

    I live in California, luckily.

    Thank you for your very thoughtful reply.
    I once knew a woman who did just that, smoked in order to prevent migraines. But I haven't really kept up with this approach. I will give it a try.

    Especially the low dose part. And think of it as a preventative.

    As for the sound sensitivity (also known as hyperacusis), i am not sure exactly what the mj did. I cannot tolerate sounds as loud as most people... loud music would be too much for me, for example. But to some extent it's a conditioned reflex. With hyperacusis, exposure to sounds too loud can cause ear pain and "setbacks" that make you even less tolerant, yikes!

    However, a component is definitely psychological... of course. I get better but say I hear a chain saw that gave me ear pain a month ago. Now i clamp down when I hear a chain saw.... like that... so i think the MJ gets me to relax and train myself to not overreact, be mellow, as they say. But with increased mellowness i could begin to increase my tolerances, so to some extent they're related. I can observe what happens next time. (I haven't used mj too much, so, as i said, i am entering new territory here.)

    I like the part about not raising blood pressure. That is probably not good.

    Yes i have seen neurologists, etc... but don't wish to go the route of antidepressants, etc... this feels more natural to me if i can tolerate it. i am taking high doses of magnesium and that seems to help.

    I'm excited. I have some PTSD and i think that is the cause of the migraines, depression, back pain, and hyperacusis.

    (Yikes, don't I sound like a mess? -- and yet if you were to meet me, I look pretty normal! (OK, well, kinda cute!).

    On the other hand, from my recent research, (thank you Grandma...) it seems that this avenue could potentially be really great, I am really into brain science. And i do meditate, work out, etc... I would like to get my neurotransmitters balanced.

    yes a rise in blood pressure probably is not good. your suggestions have been quite helpful.

    San Diego, thank you as well for your suggestion. Is Blue Dream an indica? What criteria should i look for when i do research?

    many thanks,

    PS the funny thing is I have some stuff already. Like, the liquid tincture stuff. Some edibles in the freezer. And some hash pills and hash balm (unused) that someone gave me. I think i am just worried about knowing how to dose. How do you know? How long to wait before trying more?
    How long before the preventative strategy works?
    again, many thanks for your time answering these questions, much appreciated...
  5. I definitely recommend smoking for the first few times if you're not experienced with MJ (which it sounds like you're not, but I may be wrong).

    Edibles and hash are VERY potent, and you will likely get ridiculously high since your THC tolerance is low. But getting ridiculously high is fun, lol.

    But like I said, if you're truly just looking to medicate, take a hit, put the pipe/bong/etc down and wait a few. Take hits until you feel good (if you're tolerance is low it shouldn't take more than ~5 hits).
  6. To an extent though.
    I've gotten so high before that I started to sweat, feel dizzy, and then I threw up.
    I thought I had to go to the hospital.

    The only way to alleviate my sickness was to go lay down in my car in 48 degree weather with the windows open.

    On topic: Get a nice sweet sativa.

    Anything named with a fruit name will probably be your best shot.

    Some to name: Strawberry Cough, Maui, and Green Crack.
  7. My migraines are due to a childhood head trauma, so I'm not the typical migraine sufferer. That being said, strains do matter- I get the best relief from indicas. Sativas sometimes will give me only partial relief, but everyone is different. If I use daily, I simply do not get migraines. When I stop using, I have at least a week or so "grace period" before I am "at risk" of migraines again.

    May I suggest reading this article to help you understand WHY cannabis works-

    Are You Cannabis Deficient? (news - 2010)
    Are You Cannabis Deficient? « FOX News Health Blog «

    Then read Russo's "Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency". It explains it even better. There will be other stuff in my list (1st link in my sig) that should interest you, too. Just wander around and click on whatever looks good. Have fun educating yourself! :D

    Edibles often give better pain relief than smoking (my hubby has difficult to treat neuropathic pain and edibles work far better). Under "Methods of Use - Edibles" there are some collections of recipes. Edibles can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours to "come on". Most people feel the effects within the first hour.

    Tinctures can be made with alcohol (use the highest proof you can find), or with glycerin (from the local health food store). The "DIY"s are in "Methods of use- Tinctures" - VERY easy to make and cheaper than buying from a dispensary.

    While you are in the "Methods", check out the section on vaporizers- vaporizing prevents the creation of those nasty combustion products that can cause health problems, or give you a headache. Vaporizing does not destroy the cannabis and the "left-overs" can be used to make mild "day use" edibles. (Yes, you can get medicated twice off the same cannabis! :hello: ) Vaporizers also use less cannabis to get same effect, so they pay for themselves in the long run.

    Hope that helps-

    Granny :wave:
  8. This is all very helpful, thanks...
    and thanks again, amazing info and you have all given me such helpful ideas, so appreciated.

    i am getting ready to take the plunge.
    I find it somewhat amusing that i am so nervous...
    i think i have to wrap my brain around the idea of doing this and not being wasted.
    (oh, unless i want to, but, one step at a time here...!)

    i am a meditator so i have some concern that i will "cloud my consciousness" - or make my migraines worse. but being in pain s***s.

    it sounds so promising! and the endocannabanoid theory... very interesting!

    if it works it will be worth this all and so much more,
    many thanks again

    ps is this anti-dopaminergic? how could this help people who are early parkinsons if that's the case?

    pss how long does it take to notice the effects re pain? i am thinking of the endocannabanoids. is it immediate or does it take a while like the preventive aspect for migraines?

  9. Edibles are a fantastic way to medicate, but be very careful about dosing. Although you can not do any permanent harm from ingesting too much, it can be a terrible experience with feelings of paranoia, cold sweats, and nausea.
    Your best bet is to low dose until you become familiar with dosing with edibles. And you can not go by the amount of pot that is in an edible because of the potency of the pot used.
    It's best to try 1/8 of the edible and WAIT 2 hours, before deciding to eat more.
    Once you have a bit of experience, you'll figure out what works best. And just like smoking, different strains have different effects and some strains will bring better relief than others.
    Goodluck on your quest and I hope you find relief.
  10. thanks... i wish i had read this last night!
    i found a mj candy bar in my freezer, a few years old (this is how long i have been thinking about doing this!)... and defrosted it.
    i was only going to eat about a third of it but it tasted great and the rest is history!
    fortunately (or unfortunately...) I passed out so what you are saying is right on!

    i do have one more question...(i think it's one)
    which is this:
    to get the benefits for migraines and pain relief, accessing the endocannaboid receptors, etc, does one have to stay rather continuously "high" or is, like, once a day ok?

    warmly, and thanks to all again,
  11. HI all again,
    just to report, i located a caregiver clinic in my own hometown and went in today,
    the owner has fibro, & headaches, so she spent a half hour with me and answered all my questions.
    she took me very seriously and was so committed to helping!
    basically she told me to dose continuously albeit mildly and titrate as i go along,
    and even to try smoking if a headache comes on, though it is better to avoid them as planned.
    overall she suggested a 50/50 mix.
    i left with mj glycerin, pills and a rice krispie bar (no i won't eat the whole thing at once -- been there done that!) and some tea
    so the experiment is officially on!
    i am so excited and hopeful that this works out,
    and thank you, everyone who was helpful,
    i will come back and let you know,
    but you all inspired me to do this,
    i'm pumped! and also hopeful
    i took a little already... and did notice i felt more outgoing and open to "hanging"
    i like it!

  12. Very cool! I'm glad you found a good provider.

    Good luck to you, and keep us updated!
  13. Sweetie you sound like a very level headed young lady and I'm glad that you are getting the relief you need with MMJ.

    Now that you know that Marijuana works for you and others and that it isn't harmful,
    I'm hoping you now know which way to vote on Prop 19. :D
  14. I recommend getting a vaporizer as an alternative to smoking. As soon as you notice your migraine symptoms you'll need to start puffing on something right away. I have read alot of reviews and I'd go with the Magic Flight Launch Box. you can find out more about vaporizers at
  15. prop 19... wow, that's tough
    i want to vote for it,
    tho i know a grower personally who ekes out a living
    he is a beautiful person, deeply dedicated to what he creates.
    he is against it.

    these people have taken many risks to make this stuff available
    so have dispensaries

    they say that 19 will make pot big biz, lower quality, and more taxes -
    and illegal in many instances, too.

    i feel so much for them

    on the other hand i believe the govt has no part in this at all so i will have to vote my conscience.

    what do you think?

    as for the vaporizer, i'll look into it

    so far not such good results
    have a two day migraine now
    but it's possible i need a week or so to truly evaluate?
    maybe i am not doing it the right way,
    too much / too little etc

  16. Prop 19 leaves most of the decisions up to local ordinance. Local municipalities can ban sales and production under it. They cannot ban possession, which is a non-criminal act.

    So, it gives municipalities the choice- enable big biz, enable moderate regulated biz, prohibit all canna business... etc

    The ordinance provides a framework on which municipalities CAN create cannabusiness, but they don't have to.

    Depending on where they live, some growers may lose profits. Most growers across california will only have opportunities to expand though.

    If municipalities allow local trading (ie farmer's markets), there should still be space for small scale home grows and such. Just be active in your local government.
  17. While you are voting your conscience please take into consideration the 1,000's of people arrested and jailed, in Calif, for having or growing the samething you are using to help you.

    Also the prices should come down and I'm sure that that is the reason your friend dosen't support Prop 19.

    One more thing you might take into consideration is that I'm 65 years old and I sure would like to take, at least, one toke of legal Marijuana before I pass on. :smoke:
  18. If I smoke low quality Marijuana, I may get a headache. Also, Sativa tends to cause more headaches and Indica, which gives you more of a body high/pain relief/overall relaxed feeling.

    Most street Marijuana is a form of Sativa, and while I rarely ever get headaches from smoking it, it has happened in the past.

    I've only experimented with Indica a few times, as I use MJ more for anti-anxiety/depression.

    Generally though, if I feel a headache coming on (I drink too much, and am somewhat prone to hangovers especially), a few puffs in the morning will stave off the headache. It's not full proof, but for me it gives complete relief maybe 40% of the time, with partial relief another 40% of the time. Again, I'm not using the type of MJ that is "suppose" to be used for headaches.

    I'd say experiment with different types. There are plenty of lists on these forums where people recommend strains for different ailments. It's a HUGELY varied plant. For example, some strains will actually increase alertness and ability to function during the day, while others will have you sitting in a chair watching the wall for 3 hours, heh. It's all about finding the strain that works best for you.

    Good luck!

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