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New to Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ccain85, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Im a vet who just started using Medical Marijuana. Havent had the best experience with it so far. I dont know if its the interaction with my meds or if I am just doing too much. Ive only used vape cartridges so far but it just makes my head and eyes heavy and then I get a bad headache. Basically just feel like crap after and I am not sure why.
  2. I'd avoid the vape cartridges

    buy a $5.0 pipe and several different types of weed

    toke light until you find the desired strain

    admit this to the dispensary guy may help

    good luckj
  3. Type (sativa, indica, or hybrid) makes a difference. You might also be allergic to something in the vape device. If you have access to fatty edibles, you should try those. Sativas or sativa dominant hybrids during the day, possibly with some cbd, indica for sleep at night. Non-fatty edibles don't work well for some of us. If you have herb, making your own edibles can be trivial if using a good recipe.

    Don't give up yet.
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  4. I've tried both indica and stavias both giving me the same feeling. I did just pick up a pipe so going to try it that way. Next time I go to the dispensary I'll let them know.
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  5. dry herb vaporizing for me works the best... the problem with the vape pens they do not always offer synergy and lack vital terpenes that can deliver the thc/cbd better to your cb receptors like vaporizing dry herb can do...

    smoking just ever so slightly introduces the terpenes but quickly destroys them because it is so damn hot! using a dry herb vaporizer allows temperature adjustments that tailor to specific compounds and not destroy them right out of the starting gate
  6. I purchased a dry herb vaporizer but Im working my way off the zoloft before I try anything again.
  7. If you can get jack herer that strains great for my ptsd. Sativas are great too. Just take a couple hits wait and see how you feel and then if you don't feel much then take a couple more hits. I'm not a fan of the vape oil pens either man don't base your experience off of that.

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