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New to Los Angeles ...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sweet Leif, May 16, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm gonna try this again.
    I originally posted this in another "room" here at Grasscity, but didn't get any help. So I'll try here.

    Hey fellow smokers. I just moved to Los Angeles and I can't find any dispensaries for my med.

    I am a verified med marijuana patient, and need to find a local (or not so local) place to get my medical marijuana.

    Thanks for any and all help

    I'm looking for a place in LA where I can get my cannabis LEGALLY.
  2. Wow what a tough crowd, no help at all.:rolleyes::confused:

    Anyway, I've found the info I needed.:p

    Actually I went to another marijuana website,
    and they have some very informed and knowledgeable adults over there, who were ... GET THIS, more than happy to help:)

  3. Not alot of people on the board right now, so don't knock gc.
  4. at least I got some buds, guy.
  5. I thought the dispensiaries were supposed to be kept "secret", like, the doctors who give you your card arent supposed to tell you...
  6. I knew that had to be some cool informed people (person) here, thanks Mr. Nice guy. I guess the "secret" is out.:D;)(actually this is where I was directed by that 'other' site.)

    For the person who replied "hey at least IU got some buds, guy"
    not quite sure how to respond to this "gem."
    So, a guy unable to find a location to get his prescription filled is funny or cool??:confused_2::(

    Anyway, "guy" what you have must be reeeeeeaaaaaaallly good, because it appears that everyone else was able to put 2 and 2 together; uhhhh, if I found the dispensaries, that would also mean I got my prescription filled, ... guy.:rolleyes:

    Anyway, I thought since there is a 'Medical Marijuana' section just maybe (the moderator perhaps) someone might be kind (or knowledgeable) enough to direct me to where I might find the answer I seek.

    ... Glad at least one person stepped up, thanks again, man.:)
  7. I didnt think it was funny or cool, if you didn't make the post regarding how much you hate this forum because no one responded to your info in a DAY and like the other forums so much better, I wouldn't have said anything, maybe tried to help. Sorry, but you gotta give respect to get respect.

    Also.. the "Medical Marijuana" section isn't just focused on giving people info about the name of a club in california.. it's a chat for anything about anything having to due with medical marijuana throughout the world.
  8. is this list current ?

    are all these clubs still open?

  9. Well, there are only a few med users on here I believe. Anyone on gc is always more than happy to help. But stop and think for once that maybe the people who knew the answer werent around
  10. Why is this?
  11. it's not that it should be a's just to stay low key, so they dont have non med people tryin to buy or so they dont get robbed. as far as the dr thing: it's like a car dealership wont sell you alcohol...but if you go somewhere else you can still buy alcohol. but if you bought a car and alcohol it's like a loaded weapon (i know it's a strange example but that how i thought of it:D )

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