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  1. Hi all I'm new to LED lighting I think I stunted the hell out of my first seedling because I had the light too low, I have a BESTVA 1000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum and was wondering what about the proper height for the light would be for seedling, veg, and flower stages. Thank you!!
  2. Bout 24 inches for veg man - = 2 foot.

    18 for flower. ( I think )
  3. You want to stay pretty far from your your plant while in seedling stage. I'd keep it at least 25-30 inches away during that stage of growth. In veg I like to maintain a 18 inch distance between the canopy and the light. And in flower I prefer to stay a little closer for 12-16 inches.
    But it all depends on the type of light really. Right now i'm using a 135w (actual watts) quantum board in 2x2 scrog grow!
    Here she is at 31 days. 20170901_041110585_iOS.jpg

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  4. Those distances to make sense for a 135w light.. not a 1000w which is most likely around 700w.. 12 inches too close.. in seedlings I leave mine under a 135w CFL for like 2-3 weeks then under my mars pro 320 true watts of 710... at about 4ft then moved it down to 24 inch when she matured a bit.
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  5. yeah,you can move it closer to your plants step by step.:hookah:
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  6. Thank you for the info on the distances I'm every stage, that plant looks miiiiiighty fine!!!
  7. That is what I was thinking about ending up doing, I've done plenty under cfl in the seedling stage and really don't want to screw up any more plants haha, thank you for sharing that I was half assed hoping someone would suggest that
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  8. I had mine at that 24 with the first one that got stunted, crazy to think 6" would make that big of a difference!

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