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New to joints... and marie

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by duquen550, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Hey, well i´m new to all this and I have been doing this for a few days and i have a doubt. While smoking a joint should I keep "toking" til my lungs cant do more or can i do small tokes?
  2. no need to max it out right from the getgo cool...puff bit my time, you will find yourself taking larger hits without even noticing it....
  3. The way I do it is to fill my lungs about 85%, then just inhale normal air as much as is comfortable. Hold it in for as long as possible, then let it out.

    Then sometimes the smokes to harsh, so i'll take small hits with a higher air ratio.
  4. I take three quick tokes in a rapid succession like 1.2.3. instead of 1... 2... 3. Take in a breath, hold, and exhale.

    But I know people who just take a big puff. Whatever you feel comfortable with. As it has been said before, smoking weed is not a competition. It`s just a good time.
  5. Thnks for the quick rep. The question poped out because I do this hidding in my bathroom and when i coff seems like everyone was listen to me. So now I know there is no big diff between big and small tokes i get high anyways
  6. dont hold too long just slowly increase your pulls off the joint then youll be puffin like an exhaust pipe before you know it
  7. if you have to hide your smoking by smoking in your bathroom, don't smoke js. They'll leave a lot of smell, get a cheap glass pipe, pack 1 hit at a time, and blow it out the window, or up the fan or wherever. That'll leave pretty much no smell.
  8. Im sorry but just by reading youre posts i have to ask this...Are you three years old?:rolleyes:

  9. 4 :/...;)

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