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  1. Ive had to take my outdoor grow and move it inside in order to hide it from the landlord. There's only three plants.

    The plants have been showing the white hairs for a week or so.

    Ive got a 600w Virtual Sun HPS flowering bulb in on a 12/12 schedule. Attached is a shot of everything. Now I realise this isn't the best setup for highest yield, but I do want to make sure I'm not going to kill the frigging things.

    Ive left the room door open to allow ventilation, have a box fan blowing thru the plants, and threw a tiny bit of tinfoil on the darker areas of the wall.

    What other cheap/ free things do I do to make sure they survive?

    Thanks. 20190814_181555.jpg 20190814_182725.jpg

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  2. That tin-foil isn't going to do anything for you.....but I totally understand where your mind was at. I don't know what you did for water outdoors....but if you only used rainwater.......I would suggest you get a Ph tester to test your water if you start using tap, bottled, etc
  3. I used the well water out the hose when they were outside. I figure the faucet can't hurt.

    Here's another shot. Im standing in an open doorway and on the other side of the plants is a 20" box fan pointed towards me. That should be adequate ventilation right? 20190814_194150.jpg

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  4. Yeah, I would think that would suffice for air movement......i don't know how or where its "pointing" right now....but you might want to think about putting it on a box or bucket of some sort to get the air movement up towards the canopy....and not right at the pots.....know what I mean?

    You plan on regularly rotating your plants correct?
  5. You mean turning the pots 180° right? I thought about that but wasn't sure how often. Every time they get fed/ watered is what I was thinking. Would that be sufficient?

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  6. Yeah....180. You COULD rotate the position of the pots too if you wanted to but not necessary.....know what i move plant 1 to where plant 2 is and 2 to 3...

    I don't know how often you'll be watering but as long as it's a generally routine........routine youll be ok. To be honest.....I kind of just turn mine like a quarter turn everytime I go in there to check on em.... like twice a day sometimes 3.

    I see they are say the door where you were standing is gonna stay opened? If so, is there light creeping into the room where the plants are?
  7. It looks like it'll work for the plants but don't depend on that blue tarp to be waterproof. If it leaks it'll hold the moisture underneath and unless that floor is concrete it'll be ruined. Your landlord isn't going to appreciate it.
  8. Not enough to bother I don't think. I could barely make out the plants after my eyes adjusted with it open. It was still pretty pitch black.

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  9. It is a brand new one if that makes any difference. It's carpet and wood underneath, what would you recommend? Would a rubberized doormat work you think?

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  10. can you get ahold of some decent "runoff trays" you could put under each?

    Google Shopping – Product not found
    Even something like this AT LEAST under the pots and on top of your tarp
  11. I would definately get a 4x4 tent for those if your looking to hide them from your landlord a bit better. Get a carbon filter and small inline fan in the tent to hide the smell. But the cheapest thing to help would be to suggest getting the 4x4 tent since you already have the grow light. It's a contained enviroment where you don't have to worry about the runoff soaking into your floors and the moisture from the plants damaging the house or your pets (if you have any) from getting at your plants. Just get a cheap one off Amazon if you can, the tent just makes things so much easier.
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  12. I'm sure a new tarp would be better than one that's been flapping in the bed of a pickup for 500 miles but I don't know if it would be waterproof. I'm sure it would protect your floor from splatters but if there was a puddle under one of your pots I don't know if it would keep the floor dry and it'll be very easy for water to puddle under your pots. If it doesn't keep the floor dry the floor, you, and your landlord are all fucked. Just don't take that chance, it's not worth it so find a solution that will work 100%.
  13. I really don't have any more cash to spend. The move inside cost me over 200 bucks. I should be safe if I throw a trash bag underneath each right? I don't ever give them more than 1.25 gallons if water each at a time so I wouldn't think there'd be enough water leaking out to pool up and run off trash bags. Would you?

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  14. If your floor gets damaged it's going to be far more than $200. I don't know if a trash bag will work but whatever you use must be waterproof. I wasn't saying you are going to ruin the floor, I was trying to make you aware of the possibility. Do the best you can and keep a close watch on it.
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