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  1. Hey everyone. Im looking to start an indoor grow. Space is an issue so I am trying to decide between a 2x4 or 3x3. There really isn't much difference is square footage. I'm leaning towards a spectrum king 450 and possibly adding another down the road or is that over kill? I work 7 days a week so I'm think bout going with fox farm soil over a hydro set up. Any input or advice is welcome. Also I have a per who will be in the same room as the tent so I'm wondering if with gorilla tents if I should take some sort of filter over the intake flaps
  2. 15 minutes on GC you will have made up ur mind

    good luck
  3. I got me a nice little 4x2x4 (tight on space too) going and I like the size of it. I'd love a 4x2x5 though or even 6 but I just didn't have the room. I mean the tent only fit in one spot in here and it just so happened to be a perfect fit... idk I guess it depends, with the shape of a 3x3 I'd probably just do one large plant where as with the 4x2 I prefer two and next grow I plan on adding a scrog. Fox farms is good soil I'd recommend happy frog... ocean forest is good but it can be to hot for some plants... a 50/50 mix of both of the soils with extra perlite added would work great though...but it's just personal preference you'll figure out which you prefer for yourself...

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