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  1. can anyone explain the breakdown of hydroponic growing? ie. where should my PPM level be at throughout the whole cycle? I was told between 500-600 during germination/vegetative and once i want to flower it should be raised to 800-900. Is that right or am I wrong?
  2. germination 0 ppm..

    veg start at 250 ppm and slowly work ur way up to 500-600
    flower 700-1000 depending on ur strain...

    All this can be found with reaing here in the city, go to the hydro journal sand youll get all the info you need...

  3. oh wow i was way i'm worried my plant is in trouble..i started from seed on the 13th and since then 1 out of the 2 started to germinate..i'm still waiting on the other seed to germinate. Have i already done permanent damage to the seeds/plants? especially the one that's already germinating. after reading your response i went to pathmark and bought bottled water (ph happened to be right on the money out of the bottle)..i'm praying it's not too late
  4. pH is only important when uptaking nutes. If there are no nutes there should be no worries. If you've give your babies too much nutes then flush them with water if its bad.
  5. Sounds great to me!
  6. If I go up to 1600 ppm with organics mostly would that be to high? If I still have no burn what would it do bad to them late in flower? Also you seem to know so would a flush help finish them??

  7. I just read some where that if you are high on nutes and the leaves get real green, as a couple of them are, that this is bad. Not sure why though..>?

  8. Is your ppm staying at 1600ppm? If so, then they are happy, if it is in turn rising then that is too much.

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