New to hydroponics, Need advice on DIY bubble bucket/DWC

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  1. I'm currently planning on switching from growing in soil to hydro. I've done a bit of research, but still have quite a few questions that im hoping someone can help answer. I'd like to go for a ten plant setup, but i dont know if i should build my own (not sure of everything that i would need to do that) or if i should just buy two of these ( Bubble Brothers 6 Pot DWC System | HTG Supply ) i could also use some advice on what to get in terms of nutes , ph meter, ect.
  2. From what I can tell, you need to deal with each bucket separately, which will be a hassle with 12 different buckets. You should consider a system that has only one nute reservoir to worry about.

    Like cars and laundry soap, there's little difference among nute brands. I recommend keeping it simple with 3 part general hydroponics nutes, or any similar brand, and nothing else, except CaMagic. Other nute products are mostly made to satisfy the growers' needs to feel like they are doing something constructive for their weeds, but probably aren't.

    You get what you pay for with meters, and Blue Lab is excellent, but expensive. Their pH and ppm pens are excellent.
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    Whatever nute brand you used for your soil grow get their hydro equivalent would be my suggestion since you’re familiar with that brand. I’ve used Botanicare in the past with great results. I would recommend buying a quality meter and not having to wonder if you’re getting a correct reading. I’ve had a Bluelab Guardian for almost 5 years and all I have to do is calibrate it once a month.
    As far as the setup goes building one requires a few different tools that maybe you don’t have that could add additional cost to the build. I would suggest you figure out exactly what you want your system to look like and weigh the cost to build it vs buying then decide.

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  4. With that many plants I would go with a recirculating dwc it would be way way easier to test and adjust pH and ppm. It's more of a hassle to build but it will save you a lot of time later on.
  5. I currently have a four bucket system. It's not that bad when it comes to up keep. It does suck trying to adjust everything while scroging. I'm about to change from 4 individuals to a single 29gallon tote and popping a few holes in the lid for baskets and 4 small holes for air lines in the base. Going to put a fill tube in.

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    That’s what a control bucket is for. All buckets with plants are connected. You control your EC, pH and water level through one instead of individuals. [​IMG]
    The control bucket is sitting out side the tent where I can keep an eye on things without having to go in it. (Previous grow)

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  7. I like the idea of a dedicated res for all four, it's a great design. I'm upping from a 4 plant to a 12 plant grow in a 4x4x8 and the buckets are hard to configure

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  8. 12 plants in a hydro setup in a 4x4 is a little much don’t you think?

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  9. I'm trying hydro for the first time too. I'm using advanced nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom because I'm already familiar with it for soil... I set up one simple bubble bucket today. Just a 3.5 gallon bucket, 6 inch net pot lid, clay pellets, air stone, and air pump. I threw in one pineapple chunk clone that I did with my homemade misting cloner. I only added 1/4 the nutes to start. I was told to start weak and build up so I don't burn my clone.

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  10. Yep it is, but that's why I'm getting a bigger tent

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  11. do you know any good DIY guides for building a recirculating dwc system? ive found a few but they were all 4-5 plant systems, so im not sure if they would scale up good properly.
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  13. I don't but you can use two pumps to move the water if that's your concern. Just make sure they aren't fighting each other. If your going to grow mutual strans I would make separate statements for each.
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