new to hydro setup question

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by jester87k, May 8, 2011.

  1. ok so looking for some advice on what to change or make better..
    from what i can tell mine is a DWC with ebb and flow twist..

    ok so i use a 18 gallon tub with 4 Baskets filled with filler and the usual.
    i fill the tub about 2 inches short of the baskets.
    have them set to timer to bring nutrients up to plants 2 times a day for 5minutes so it will water the top of roots also..
    have 1 bubbler running 24/7

    its in a 2ft by 3ft room with a 400watt light.
  2. sounds like you got a good set up, but do you have a fan? 400watt light in that size room will make alota heat.
  3. yes fan in uper right corner
  4. sounds like you got a good set up then what nutrients you useing? is fan vented or in sealed room?
  5. nutrients are Fox farm
    Grow big during Veg
    Tiger Bloom during bloom
    and big bloom during grow.

    as for Fan what would u recommend its not a 100% sealed room
  6. then a reg rotary fan thats what i use one my set up slightly bigger room tho since its not a 100% sealed room my fans on a timer. i got my fan for 15$ at dollar general
  7. kk any advice on Nutrients? i always can change that up
  8. no that seems all good there hows the water situation do you change weekly or just add to adjust ph? I myself have a system with water and a way to drain so i change my water weekly.
  9. Well i can take the top off to adjust the water, would u recommend that or does it get expensive havin to change more then just when u have to change nutrients?
  10. i keep my setup about 1'1/2 feet off the ground and use a siphon pump to get rid of the old water, and i have a 1/4 in line ran to my tub to refill it. When refilling i kill the air pump just because its not doing anything at that point.

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