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  1. how important is cleaning of the hydroton when you first use it? Do I have to clean it till it runs clear, or will I always have the clay residue? Thanks
  2. Clean them well,the next time u clean them ur ususally only cleaning vegg matter. The residue wont return unless u dry it ,bag it,then ship it around.:smoke:
  3. I simply dump them in the tub, fill it 1/2 with water, add 2tbspn's of bleach, stir, drain,dry...done.
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    ^^^ Yep ...but just make sure you rinse thoroughly .....You may get some residue during the grow time come through but it dosent really matter
  5. The problem is, you are going to have to clean sometime. It's heavy and lays in the bottom of whatever you have. clean never hurt anything.

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