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  1. So i posted a thread in sick plants - with no respons. So ill try once again, cuz my ladies are not doing any better at this point.

    Im about a month into veg and lower leafs are showing n deficiency signs.

    Been feeding them 400-500ppms including tapwater at 150ppm for about ten days now and ppms are rising about 50ppms per day since starting at 350ish PPM. Wich indicates that they are getting to much nutrients.

    Still pH has been steady at 6.0-6.2 whole time, res temp about 20-21 degrees celsius, room temp 27 degrees.

    Last 10 days had been stunned the growth and i cant figure out why they show yellowing of the leafs and some purple going on at the stems.

    Might this be a cal-lockout? I read somewhere that calcium deficiency affects the plants photosynthesis and therefore might show up as an N-deficiency?



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  2. could be calcium. are you using a cal-mag supplement?
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    I have a calmag supplement - was thinking of adding to reservoir today (thought of it beeing cal-deficiency just hit me now).

    I saw a nutrient availability chart the other day that said cal is available up to pH 5.9.

    If this is a cal-deficiency that is the root to this N-deficiency looking state, lowering the pH to 5.5-5.9 and add calmag would be the proper procedure, right?

    Do you have any own experience of cal deficiency in veg show these signs?

    Thanks a lot for the input - really appriciate it!


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  4. My first DWC, back in april, showed something like that in the early phases, was about week 3 of veg.
    Iv used cal mag for the rest of that grow and the two since, the plants have been a much darker green and feel healthier over all, Id consider it something I just do in hydro rather than wait for the problems to occur.
  5. Thanks, will try and see how they respond.


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  6. You don't need to use cal mag if you know how to feed your plants proper nutrients from the start.
  7. Well Guess what not everybody knows "HOW TO FROM THE "BEGINNING", YOU GENIUS"!!!!

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  8. That's right,not everybody does but with all the information out there people need to read a few things before attempting to grow,especially in hydro.
  9. its not calcium def if anything mag be look at iron def too

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    It's a mobile deficiency, lower leave are effected, there are only 4 that would go deficient, n,p,k,& mg
    Could be MG, with reddish stems, but the veins of leaf are to light. And necrosis on tips so that eliminates p, k, & mg.
    Looks like nitrogen, but the ppm says lock out.
    Are you using 1 or 2 part nutrients?
    Or your tap is causing lock out.
    I would put my money on the tap.

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  11. That is NOT a calcium def. A calcium def. will look like rust spot on the leaves.
  12. How are you measuring ph?
  13. Use RO water or distilled water def.

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  14. Also you stated that you're res is at 69.8 which may be a bit too warm. Try to get it around 65. Are you using hydro guard?

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  15. So you're complaining that nobody responds to you're thread and then you stop responding? I want to know if you got it fixed and what was the problem?

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  16. Happy new year Alien man!

    I have not knowingly been avoiding responding in this thread, just havent been as active and must have forgotten it since the thread kind of died off.

    Apologize for that, i do appriciate and respect the board :)

    Anyway, plant is doing great now. Added calmag and lowered the pH to 5.8 letting it fluctuate from 5.8-6.3 (instead of 6.0-6.4) and the leafsymptoms faded off. So despite some saying it could not be calmag it was solved from adding it.

    Again, apologize for late update but i forgot about it and did not think this was of interest anymore.


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  17. Okay thank you and happy new year. I'm learning too so I just wanted to know how you did. I was told about CalMag very early in my first grow so I got lucky!

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  18. Its absolutely essential to hydro no questions asked, or so I've been told.

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  19. not essential all depends what your nutes have if it contains enought cal mag then some people use tap water which has good amounts of cal and some mag in so depending on wayervand nutes used you may need to add cal mag its always good to have just incase but ph plays a big role in the uptake of cal and mag.

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