new to hydro need some help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chwplayer09, May 14, 2010.

  1. I just started a new hydro grow. Im brand new to hydro, and giving it a try. I have a 5 gal bubble bucket, with a 400w mhs/hps light. Ive also never used this light, all my old grows i used to grow CFL. So i have a sprout in a 5 gal bubble bucket under a 400w mhs light. Is that light too strong? My water is evaporating pretty quick, id say about a half gal a day evaportates. Is water evaporating normal? Ive grown soil cfl many times, but never hydro. So any and all tips/critisism is welcome


  2. seems to be evaporating a little fast. How far away do you have the light? I use those buckets and I have one that uses close to a 1/2 gallon a day, but she is huge.
  3. i have the light about a foot away from the top of the bucket.
  4. Raise it up about 2' (24 inches) from your seedlings. I run the exact same setup. How is your water evaporating and from where?
  5. i have no idea how its evaporating like that, the space does get pretty warm. Its in a small enclosed area, so it builds up heat kinda quickly. i do have a fan on it going also. ill raise the light, hopefully that helps.

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