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  1. So I'm new to the hydro thing. I've been doing a lot reading on fert/ppm amounts for plants and different stages. At the moment I am trying to figure out if I'm over feeding or if they are deficient. I'm using root organics fert. Any info would be helpful. Basically the lower leaves are turning yellow, then brown curl and die/fall. Some of the upper leaves have shades of yellow with some yellow tips on the newer growth. I can give any info you need to help diagnose this further. Just want to get it right

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  2. That's a defficncy not over feeding, I'm off to sleep now but....all depending on what nutes you are what ever your feeding schedule is I go by about 80% strength and see how she likes it.. I think that's either a potassium or phosphorus deff...(without referring to charts) she look old enough to handle 0.8 to 1.0 ec..

    Have found with hydro when you check the levels again in the morning and the EC is the same and the PH is the same it's her sweet spot.

    EC RISEN PH LOWERED = add more plain water.

    PH RISEN EC LOWERED = add more nutes.
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  3. My tent runs around 78 to 80 degrees. My buckets about the same. They are 3 weeks in the bucket at this point. I kept the ppms around 150/ph between 5.6 and 6 to start but they kept climbing everyday with the ph. Usually in a 24 hr period I would jump to 7.5+ and ppms jumped 30 or so points. Also have 2 more 2 weeks in the buckets, same conditions. They look a lot better than these.
  4. Thanks Shifte83, I was also leaning towards a deficiency but all the pictures/information to shuffle through to determine what it is can be a bit confusing. I upped the ppms to 275 a day ago, I use a grow formula with a root conditioner and silica additive. I haven't really used the EC reading at all and sounds like I better get familiar with using it. I have a hanna ph/ec meter. All my ec readings are in the hundreds. Example if the ppms are around 275 the ec is like 550 to 600. So I guess a little help or a place to read some good info on the ec readings would help too. Sorry, I'm a trainwreck guys, but I would rather not water my time and money. Again, I appreciate any insight you guys have.
  5. Well can't sleep anyways lol - post me a pic of the nutes and the feed chart and I'll try and help from there as to how many mills you should be giving them.. so they roots look okay and not slimy and brown? As in does not have root rot ? If I don't reply I'm passed out but will look when I wake up.. don't stress will sort it out, I have had many problems as well.
  6. So my 1st check today and the one that's reay been giving me problems is droopy. All the roots are white still but they do have a brown sludge on them. Wasn't there a day or so ago, not sure if it's the fert collecting on the roots or rot itself. This was happening last night as well. The fert is pretty black and thick when it comes out of the bottle.
    1st pic is budda grow by root organics
    2nd pic is bio root by GH
    3rd pic is silica additive by GH
    There are other formulas to add according to the root organics site feeding schedule. Guess I better to do some better research on what fertilizer to use. Still want to stick with organic is you have any suggestions. Reason why, if need to know, I grow everything else that way so why not this as well.

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  7. If you have no experience growing the plant, starting off with a hydro grow can be a huge headache. You would be better off to grow off a few in soil just to get familiar with the normal cycles of the plant before doing a hydro setup. You've got too many variables to control and no knowledge base to draw from. Not saying you can't stumble around and make your way through or even do a good job at it, just saying it's not the easiest route to take when starting out. But I'm sure some of these many hydro people can fix you up. Best of luck.. TWW
  8. I was told it will be an arduous journey but I like a challenge. It can be figured out, even if I have to not use organic fert. buddy that gave the setup said he used to come here and that there should be someone here willing to help me along the way. Another note, I keep my water in a garbage can/w lid (brand new). It has a spigot at the bottom to fill buckets. Wasn't sure about storing water and if I should do anything with it. It's RO water with about 30 ppms with a ph about 9.2 out of the tap but when it sits it goes down quite a bit. Sorry for all the long rants. just figure I'll give out as much info right now to help diagnose the problem.
  9. To be honest I'd change nutrients man.. those levels seems way off! Like 10mill per week? Lol

    Get something like the SENSI range where it's grow, micro, and bloom. I'm using green planet and though I had some troubles to start with it was just my own fault..

    Every time I top my water up I make it as strong as I need so it equals the concentrate of when I put it in.. if you are only feeding it what the bottle says, within a day or 2 it would of sucked out the nutrients..this is just my opinion anyways man.. I'll try and help more if you like
  10. Like change brands? I'm ok with that as long I find something that works. The brand I use has all kinds of formulas, i just bought this stuff to start. If the ppms are there why does it matter how much you are using? And how do they climb during the week with the ph? I'll take any help shifte. And don't take anything as argumentative, I just need to why sometimes to help me understand. Not just do what someone says
  11. Here is what the website says, assuming I have that veg and flower schedule which seems about what I would do. I'd have to buy a few more bottles of stuff to complete the full schedule. And that would be for each bucket. All of them are separate, all with their own air stones.

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  12. Well I'm on my first grow bro and doing the exact same thing as you.. And I could be wrong but I just don't think what you are using is enough.. the PPM and EC and PH Change as the plant grows like I have my big one @ 2ec it stays stable for a day or so then starts to drop and the PH will rise - means she is drinking more nutes than what's in there so I top it back up to get to 2ec then as she grows I'll need to increase it till I find that sweet spot where the EC and PH stay stable... it all sounds confusing but it's not man.

    If you did get a 3 part nutrients I'd be able to help out a lot more or you could ask in the hydro forum..
  13. Actually afte reading that it all sounds about right.. get the other nutes asap and aslo get some calmag.
  14. When you say three part, you mean all the nutrients are separate?
  15. Ok, I was thinking I wound try that. And yeah, was going to grab some GH calmag.
  16. Ok, I'll grab that stuff and stop bugging you. I'll update you in a few days on my progress. Should I go weak to start? Any idea where I should be in the ppm range for their age? I'll also look into the ec reading and how to properly use it. Thanks for everything!
  17. Not bugging me man..
    use the nutes you have not just get the rest of the the stuff that's deff the probelm.. you should have the EC of those plants around 0.8 to 1.0 if that's to much then back it off bro.. I'm happy to help where I can.
  18. My meter reads ec out in numbers with no decimals. And not sure how it's calibrated for reading it, there's a couple solutions .5, .7. Should I just do the equation (ppm x2)÷1000?
  19. Okay found a converter should Be around 700ppm see how she goes on that man..

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