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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by chimera, Jun 8, 2006.

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  2. I was looking around and found this post I made when I first started hydro, so its time to answer my own question.

    Don't be an idiot, get a tds/eC meter, its a must, if you can't afford the meter then you might as well give up on growing hydro cause unless you are extremely lucky you'll kill or hermie your plants.

    No need to reply, however an occsional bump to keep it current would be helpful to others i think, cause I was an idiot back then, but I learned fast and only killed 2 of 4 plants the other 2 I hermied, it smoked but was shit full of seeds. Oh, I got my meters half way thru the grow, if I hadn't I would of been 0 for 4 and a very unhappy camper.

    My Current grow:
  3. so in 6mths u have become an expert? :D
  4. LOL! Nice one! He's gone pro!
  5. I belive the correct term is uber pro thank you.

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