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  1. I'm about to start a closet set up in my house and want to run a T5 set up and was wondering;

    1. What would be the best way to set it up (everything)
    2. Best way to keep the smell out its a down stairs appt.
    3. And any other general information I should know about.

    Thank you in advanced!
  2. Okay, a good T5 system is going to incorporate one basic philosophy. Short plants.
    Setting up a cloning system on the side might not be an option. Femminized seeds offer you the chance to start scrogging one plant very early.

    What I'd do (because I've been thinking about this myself) is get a 2x4 tent and a 2x4 light system. I would grow two plants, same strain, and top them early. I'd throw them in a scrog at 8" tall, and spread them wide. When they filled 80% of the space I'd start flowering.

    Ventilation is very important, so the incorporation of small fans on the floor to move air, and of a "wall mount" circulation fan above the light as well. In addition you'll need a good 100cfm (easy to do) exhaust fan. Just get yourself a small carbon filter for the smell, and you can add in a little Ona gel outside the tent for additional scent control.

    You need to educate yourself. I don't know what you don't know.
    You know...

  3. Here's a grow done with T5's;

    It's only like 16 pages but I would read it from beginning to end and that should answer alot if not all of your ?'s. Hope this helps.

    Wolf :yay:
  4. This is an eHow article about growing with T5:

    How to Grow With T5 Fluorescent

    Unlike metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) grow light systems, T5 fluorescent grow lights provide both blue and red spectrum lighting to support the growth of plants during their vegetative, flowering and fruiting stages. T5 fluorescent grow lights are effective, energy efficient and cool enough to place within inches of your plants. When T5 fluorescent grow lights are used properly, successfully growing fruits, flowers and vegetables indoors is an enjoyable task that can provide your family with access to their favorite fruits, flowers and veggies.

    Difficulty: Moderately Easy


    Things You'll Need:
    T5 grow light system
    . 1
Choose a T5 fluorescent grow light system with bulbs that emit both red and blue spectrum lighting. Note that 5,000k to 6,500 watt T5 fluorescent bulbs emit stronger blue spectrum light to promote the growth of healthy, green foliage, while 2,700 to 3,000 watt T5 fluorescent grow light bulbs emit stronger red spectrum lighting to promote healthy flowering and fruiting.
    . 2
Install your T5 fluorescent lighting system in your grow room in a way that allows it to be raised or lowered, depending on the height of your plants. Many indoor gardening shops offer grow light systems that make this easily possible.
    . 3
Position your T5 fluorescent grow lights no more than 24 inches above the tops of your plants. Position your grow lights closer to the tops of your plants, if possible. Use this simple test to determine how to position your grow lights. Place your hand just above the tops of your plants. Reposition the grow lights if you can feel the heat coming from the grow light system. Raise the light fixture 1 to 2 inches at a time until you can no longer feel the heat on your hand.
    . 4
Leave your T5 fluorescent grow lights on for up to eight hours each day for short-day plants such as azaleas, begonias and chrysanthemums. Provide long-day plants such as spinach, barley and wheat with 14 to 18 hours of T5 fluorescent light exposure each day. Expose day-neutral plants such as geraniums and African violets to 8 to 12 hours of T5 fluorescent light per day.
    . 5
Replace your T5 fluorescent grow light bulbs when the ends darken. Note that once the ends have darkened, your T5 fluorescent grow bulbs may be producing as little as half of their stated light output.

    Not sure if that would help you, but it's certainly given me a lot to think about.

    good luck!
  5. I am running a 8 Lamp T5 and have just started ScrOGging so you can check out my journal if you like. I am also working with low ceiling height and plan on running 2-4 plants per grow.
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    just completed my first grow - w/a 4ft 4bulb t5. i vegd 3 plants and flowered 2. plants did ok woulda been better cept for my fu's.

    if you scrog w/everything same height a t5 fixt is great.

    i let mine grow tall. prob i had was plants grew at different rates so different heights and a flat t5 fixture is a prob. another that the lower flowers are stunted cause the light doesn't get down there as effective as hps.

    no complaints about how much light flouros put out but i think they need to be real close and all over the place.

    for my next grow ill have 2 rooms. ill use cfls for veg.

    my .02 ha

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