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  1. Hi everyone i wanted to get into growing but i just had a couple questions. 1. I work a full time job anywhere from 2 4 or 6am to 2pm or 2:30pm would i be able to grow quality weed while still having to work this way or would i have to dedicate more time to my plant? 2. the room i was thinking about growing in has no real ventilation or windows or any real way to let out any excess heat besides opening the door and leaving it open for a little bit so what could i do to combat that?
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  2. With a properly functioning system there is minimal time input during the grow. Easily less than an hour a week. Of course, if issues arise that time increases significantly. I suppose one could decide for themselves if they have the time to devote. When that time happens during the day is not important. If you are growing under lights, you will be choosing when "day" happens.
    Secondly, the real issue with your room will be humidity, rather than heat. If you can't vent to the outside, you are going to be limited to only a couple of plants and a low water usage system.
    If the rest of your house is large and well vented, then there is some leeway here. It is possible to vent into the house and not destroy it, but only for very small systems ( 4 or less one ounce yield plants).
    A dehumidifier in the room should be enough to deal with the humidity of a 4 bucket hydro system and 4 ounce yield plants, though daily maintenance would be required to drain the machine. Any larger and I would start getting really nervous not being able to vent properly.
  3. okay thanks for the information i really appreciate it and a few other things an exhaust would be good for venting the humidity out right? if so would it be fine to just vent it into another room if i can't reach outside?

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