New to growing; stealth grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wd800, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I was planning on growing a little bit when I'm in college (to deal with the stresses of class :( ) and was wondering if the idea I've come up with seems to be good for a bit of stealth growing in the dorm.

    I was planning on getting a section of PVC (not that thin ish, that thick 5-inch gauge stuff) maybe a foot (for the young plant, 4' later on) and capping it at both sides. Put the plant in bottom, and install a light fixture in top.

    Sure, it wouldn't support a super-large plant, but would it work?

    Also, do CFLs work for growing, or do you need incandescents for the UV/IR stuff?

    How much light should the plant get when it first starts out?

    (Remember, this is my first time)
  2. Try reading some of the stickies, all those questions are answered with a little effort. CFL lights work, get anything 23W and higher, incandescents do not work. They should get 18 hours light 6 hours dark for 1 month then 2 months of 12 hours on 12 hours off.
  3. I read the first two lines, then stopped.

    Growing in a dorm? Really?

    Get real - dont even THINK about doing that. You'll get your ass thrown out real quick if you get caught.
  4. Yeah I figured that too, but he will probably still do it. There is always someone who gets kicked out of college.
  5. I wouldn't suggest doing it in a dorm but its your call. And I'm not sure how the tube would work, I would think it would just produce a main bud and that's it. Maybe a pc grow or in a plastic tote? You would have to find something to get rid of the smell for sure though. Do some research man, you'll probably find everything you wanna know. If not, then ask. Good luck
  6. first of all even if you got to flowering the smell would get you kicked out
    second ok you got a plant and you have light now what? wheres your air flow cause if theres no air circulating all your gonna end up with is a dead plant
    the pipe would need to be at least a foot round and thats not gonna go unnoticed amd will draw comments.
    It will have to be light proof, which brings us back to air flow.
    so now you got a big ass pvc pipe with a cpl fans and power cords sticking in it in the middle of your dorm room and all you have to look forward to is a cpl of months of trying to filter out the smell in your room so one day you can harvest a cpl 100 bucks worth of bud because most of your plant never got good light and circulation because the pipes way too small....lets just call that grow a SOG of one LOL

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