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  1. So me and my girlfriend have decided to start a grow, i think, were moving into our first apartment together and both enjoy smoking pot, we only look to grow enough for ourselves meaning 2-4 plants. I was planning on building my own and putting it in the laundry room next to the kitchen (theres a floor plan attached)... what i was thinking would work was getting a stackable washer and dryer for one side and having the enclosed closet on the other, i was thinking this would be a good idea because i would try and build an exhaust port into the one thats already in place for the dryer (that ports out of the back of the complex) and we can explain any noise and power usage. So i was wondering wether or not this is a good idea? or are we just crazy, oh ive also looked at these:;-x-4'.asp but i just dont know whats a good idea and what isnt, please help!

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  2. my aparment complex checks the bathroom, kitchen, and wash room twice a year for leaks. A bedroom closet is going to be much more stealth and perfect for 4 plants. Using a 400w on 4 plants, you can vent into the bedroom from the closet and it will be fine.

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