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  1. Hello everyone my first time growing don’t know what I’m doing need some help show you my progress right now

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  2. Plants seem pretty happy and healthy to you have any "specific" concerns???
  3. Don’t know if these plants will grow taller I just found this seeds and planted them don’t know their sex yet idk if I’m missing something people have told me I have to wait a couple months before I find out the sex
  5. They look great. Looks like you have a bit of a greenthumb.

    They will definitely get bigger (taller and wider)
    It kind of depends on how much room you have, both in square footage and in clearance height. What size is your tent or grow area? Do you have other grow areas/lights etc? Do you have more pots and 'soil' mix? Are you willing to grow them all out and see later which ones are male?

    Or would you prefer to find out now about their sex and remove the males? (You can trick them into flowering and showing you their junk, then revert then to veg growth again and continue growing them for a month or two, again depending on room).

    I'd probably do ^^this^^, sex them and cull the males, and revert them to veg. Maybe top them or train them to make them bushy then flower them a month or so later.

    There's quite a few things to consider on your end that we can't assume for you.
  6. Thanks for the info and the help so right now I have them in a box with tin foil all round and a big light 150 watts this is for now until I order my grow tent idk what green thumb means lol I love the idea on making them flower and then inverting them into veg stage again so I can see the sex
  7. I just mean you seem to be able to grow plants relatively easily. They look healthy. Always a good thing!

    Yeah you could just flip them to 12 hrs of darkness, 12 hrs of light, wait a few days, and they should start dangling their junk out there for you to take a peek at lol! We can help you with the sexing at that point.
    Lol, sounds dirty when I say it like that

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