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  1. Hello all, im marijuana man and i am very new to this website and also kind of new to growing, ive done it before once but before i could harvest they got chopped by someone in my old house who obviously did not approve. Any ways got a new place so going for it again with a much better set up which is actually what i have questions about... i dont know who's gonna read this or if anyone is even gonna find it but i figured i would try forums for the first time. Okay so here we go, im going for the closet grow here... i made a grow box thats 8 square feet (2'x4') and i have about 6 feet in hight to work with and that includes my lighting fixtures ( which i will get to in a minute) and plant size obviously. I layered the walls with Mylar(despite using led i still wanted reflectors) the only problem with the closet is ventilation, i have a small oscillating fan to put in but thats it sadly :/ so now lets get to the lights, i plan on using 2 mars hydro led 300w (132-140 true watt) so all together 264-275 true watts which puts it at 33 watts per square foot and in each square foot i plan on having one 3 gallon smat pots (which is about 10 inches so their will always be 2inches between every pot) i plan on growing them for the first coupleweeks in solo cups till about 7inches than switching to 1 gallons till about 1.5inches than to the 8 3 gallon pots for flowering and im assuming their going to end up being 3 feet tall 3.8 feet tall with the 3 gallon smart pot under it and the lights about 8inches-12 inches away from the plants... im just wondering if...omg i almost forgot!!!! Im using fox farms ocean soil with the fox farm nutes, im comfortable with these products though so i knew they will work and ik how to use them so yeah im just wondering if anyone has any advice? Eventually i will be adding a 3rd mars hydro light for maximum lighting but for now i expect the yields to be in the 2-3.5oz range? Any comments or questions on something i left out i just want to know everyone's opinion on my set up, the good and the bad please thank you and ihope my first forum experience goes well lol
  2. You have nowhere near enough room in a closet that size to flower off 8 plants. And I don't think 2 of those lights you're planning on using would be enough to flower off 8 plants...but your biggest issue is room. They double and triple in size once they're put into flower and depending on what strain you choose to grow, will bush quite a bit as well. Max 1 or maybe 2 plants. However, you can get much more off one plant that is properly taken care of and given all the good lighting it can stand than you can by trying to shove 4 in the same space. Good light determines what your plants do...assuming they're healthy when they go into flower. You don't grow a plant to a certain number of inches before transplant. You've got the potting idea right, but when the plant is larger than the container it's in (wider and taller than), it's time to go to a new container. This usually means they're slightly root bound...which is the perfect time for a repot. Using good soil and potting your plants up in stages like this means you'll need very little nutes in the veg cycle. Learn how to water and how NOT to over water. You do not give water unless the container feels like it did when you first loaded with dry let them really dry out. It's different growing inside under artificial light than compared to an outdoor grow with sunlight. You have to let them dry out and use good arid soil for good drainage and ease of root spread. You've got to set up some true ventilation for your room though. With that much light in there and no more space than you have, even LEDs and fluorescents will create too much heat. So you're going to have to work in an in line fan and some ducting for ventilation or your plants will never make it. You always need good air circulation around your plants aside from any venting you create for heat removal. If you want this to work, go ahead and set it up right the first time. It took us a couple of years to get our setup together the way we wanted it because we had to add to it as we could, but now I have what I want, the way I want it and don't have to worry about tearing it apart to upgrade, etc. Lighting makes big pretty plants and nice fat buds. The lighting is the key to your harvest...not nutes. You do not need the level of nutes that the makers suggest you use in your plants. We use Roots Organics Original for inside and it's about the best I've ever found. It's insanely expensive, but because it's good stuff, I only use about 1/4 the recommended amount of nutes throughout my plants' lives than is suggested. It's real easy to fry your plants with the chemicals and the plants just don't need that much if you're using good soil. Read up all you can on what you're trying to do. The more information you have, the better you'll do. But for goodness sake, put as much time into learning how to grow this plant as you do figuring out what you're going to grow with. There are basics everybody needs to know if you want to do it and make it fun instead of a total stress ball. Keep it simple, learn the plant and get your setup the way you want it. You can grow forever after that and always have good bud without having to hunt for it. Good luck! TWW
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  3. I always tell people attempting wardrobe grows to just keep it minimum. 1 plants that yields you 1lbs is much better than trying to force 5-10 that end up fucking each other over for light and producing shit popcorn bud to the tune of 1-2 oz a piece. You could very easily with what set you said you have, pull 10oz off a single. I recently pulled just under 30 off of two plants in a 21/2 ft wide by 51/2 ft long by 61/2 ft tall with one 1000w hps and mainlining both plants. I will say I vegged them for and extra month till I was able to get a new HPS bulb. That was only my second ever grow. My other grow was like yours but outdoor and cut 3w out from harvest by some dumbasses who prolly though the shit was ready.

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