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  1. Hello all, im marijuana man and i am very new to this website and also kind of new to growing, ive done it before once but before i could harvest they got chopped by someone in my old house who obviously did not approve. Any ways got a new place so going for it again with a much better set up which is actually what i have questions about... i dont know who's gonna read this or if anyone is even gonna find it but i figured i would try forums for the first time. Okay so here we go, im going for the closet grow here... i made a grow box thats 8 square feet (2'x4') and i have about 6 feet in hight to work with and that includes my lighting fixtures ( which i will get to in a minute) and plant size obviously. I layered the walls with Mylar(despite using led i still wanted reflectors) the only problem with the closet is ventilation, i have a small oscillating fan to put in but thats it sadly :/ so now lets get to the lights, i plan on using 2 mars hydro led 300w (132-140 true watt) so all together 264-275 true watts which puts it at 33 watts per square foot and in each square foot i plan on having one 3 gallon smat pots (which is about 10 inches so their will always be 2inches between every pot) i plan on growing them for the first coupleweeks in solo cups till about 7inches than switching to 1 gallons till about 1.5inches than to the 8 3 gallon pots for flowering and im assuming their going to end up being 3 feet tall 3.8 feet tall with the 3 gallon smart pot under it and the lights about 8inches-12 inches away from the plants... im just wondering if...omg i almost forgot!!!! Im using fox farms ocean soil with the fox farm nutes, im comfortable with these products though so i knew they will work and ik how to use them so yeah im just wondering if anyone has any advice? Eventually i will be adding a 3rd mars hydro light for maximum lighting but for now i expect the yields to be in the 2-3.5oz range? Any comments or questions on something i left out i just want to know everyone's opinion on my set up, the good and the bad please thank you and ihope my first forum experience goes well lol
  2. How many plants are you planning on fitting in a 2x4 box?
  3. I don't know how mars hydro grow but i have a single plant that's 3 feet high and it's 40 inches wide, It's under a 600 watt hid all by itself though i don't know how different the growth is between hid and led as i've never used led.
  4. There lies the same question im asking myself.. the max i can put in is 8 plants in 3 gallon pots

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  5. Another question how big is what your growing? are they like little tiny autos or photoperiods how tall do they get?
    i had trouble fitting 5 in a 4x4' box.
  6. Nice what stage are you in currently? I plan on 3 feet being my total hight when done

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  7. With the size you stated previously i can imagine so, photoperiods i just dont plan on letting them get to tall about a foot and a half in veg and ik last time i did this it just about doubled in size during flowering

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  8. My soil plant in the fox farms soil with the fox farms nutes has about a month left. This is her. Her names betty and she's a THC Bomb. I flowered her early because of outside factors.[​IMG] [​IMG]
    That's a 4'x4' box.
  9. Phew! What a beauty...but yeah i only did this once before under a t5 set up years ago dont even remember half of what i knew then but i never had anything that big

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  10. a 300w led can cover one plant, so if you have two you can have two plants, one under each light. If stealth is not an issue I would ditch the home made grow box and just grow autos, thereby solving the ventilation problem. otherwise your next challenge will be height. at 6 feet you will need to do some research on a plant with low growing genetics.

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