New to growing need help with box setup

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Fppunk, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. okay my dad has grown plants loads, mostly outdoor. but he tried to help me build this box. it's coming out okay.

    I have some pics of it, im going to put aluminum foil around the inside. My questions whats the best soil i should use(im gonna fill up the gray thing with soil) and is my one light enough? my dad said it should be enough and the bulb i am using is very bright. any other suggestions or recommendations welcome please i need help.

    I also have a few fans ready to hook up but my dad said to wait till they are a little bigger.

    I have that plant that my friend gave me (well its 3 but they are kinda growing together he said to leave em like that, should i get those 3 apart?) and i got some seeds germanating right now and im prolly gonna get some more little guys from a friend.

    also how much light should i give it with just that light

  2. Foil = Bad :(
    Flat White paint = Good :D (do several coats)
    with that light yur' plants should be within 2" of that bulb
    How big is the box?
    Whats the Budget?
    How much power can ya' use(Ask Dad) 100 watts?200?300?
    300 is about 8-10 bucks a month :wave:

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