NEW TO GROWING! need advice

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by doodiloveweed, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. okay. so 4 days ago i found a seed in my sour diesel sack. i germinated it. looks realy good. and i decided to plant it and put it outside. its in sunlight. i have it in this soil...

    and in around a 10 inch pot...
    what do i need to do. how much do i need to water it. etc. fertizlizer??EVERYTHING
    please helllp mee

    i live in southern california. about a mile from the beach. if that has anyhting to do with the climate or anything

  2. I might be a noob, but im pretty sure you kinda missed the grow season.

    Then again i might be wrong, nothing is wrong with experimenting :)
  3. southern cali? hmm you kinda missed the grow season, i usually start 4/20 my baby is flowering now,

    that miracle grow soil might be a little harsh on your young ones, but i've never grown sour so im not sure

    are far as nutes, N-p-K are the main nutes plants use, for veg state you want ferts with high nitrogen

    during flowering more of the p, a little more of the k, less of the n

    btw you should look into indoor growing if you wana grow now,

    if you have your heart on outdoor though, you could veg indoors and do flowring outside...

    peace and welcome to the board
  4. yea i know i missed the growing season lol but im just experimenting... it doesnt change climate THAT much here within the seasons... i cant grow indoors.. my parents.. but ill let you know how it is going..
  5. nothing is wrong with experimenting :)
  6. nothing is wrong with experimenting :)
  7. im really stoked.. took only a day to sprout out of the soil. lookin green and good. has 4 tiny leaves.. ill post some pics tomorow. anyhting i should know about this stage?
  8. august 12
    started germination. completed in 3 days august 15

    august 15
    planted in pot.

    august 18th
    sprouted out of soil. 4 tiny leaves.

    this is gonna be my little journal time line thing... haha
    will have pics tomorow and from nowwww on :)

    please help and if u hav any suggestions whatesover tell meeeeee :)
    first grow. hoping for a good one

    will have updates basically everyday.... maybe every few... thanks

    keep it burnin.:smoking:
  9. hey i got a pic.... here it is

  10. Cute! I don't know if she/he'll make it in time though (little yield if it survives). Start indoors and then outdoors at this very/too late stage (too late unless you have bay window with sun and evn the veg period takes 1 month and a half if you want a 1 foot plant -nutes could help but plant might be killed).

    Ask someone who's tried it at this time in your region outside!

    Good luck
  11. Growing in a window at this time of year will be as equally useless as growing outside.

    Hey, corto, you want to get some actual experience growing, and stop posting BS to the noobs.
  12. Be quiet and stop feeling like you're someone. Oh, you can't grow behind a bay window, that's new.
  13. I don´t think that is anything new. You have to decide whether you are an indoor grower, and fully support your grow with lights, or an outdoor grower and use the full benefit of the sun.

    Windowsills are neither here nor there, random lights in the room can stress the plant, the light coming through the window is just a weak version of that outside, and people who have tried it always end up in tears.

    But I am always surprised that so few growers use greenhouses, which is a different thing altogether. All round light, with natural hours, frosted glass would solve security issues, frost protection a big plus. Seem to be a lot of benefits.
  14. well today. i go outside, and someone fucking jacked my plant... stolen. gone. fuckin pissed... theres always when the season is right thhough

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