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  1. hello this is my first post :D

    i bought general hydroponics growing bucket. it came with flora nutrients .

    i have a mother plant outside. shes a random seed i got from a random strain.
    shes about 4-5 months old. even tho i never cared for her/ never waterd her untill couple weeks ago,. shes a beautiful/not perfect. but has lots of crystals. the buds are not big and thier not small either. plant is about 2/5 maybe 3 feet tall.
    the stem is really thick.
    when i got my hydro set. i mixed a flowering solution with the flora nutrients for my plant outside.

    anyways my question is. can i take a clone from the plant outside thats already budding put it in my hydro bucket. and expect a harvest in 3-4 months?
    the surface area of the bucket is pretty large. i could possibly grow 2 small /medium .

    is this a good idea. itle my first putitng money and effort in to growing something like this.
    or maybe i should just start from seed?

    thank you

    ..first picture im gonna post shows the back of one of my buds it started burning awaysome days ago like someone pourd acid on it or something .only happand to a couple buds on same side
    . excues my bad camera pls =/

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