new to growing/first grow pics.

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  1. i have some bag seed that has been vegging under 12 26 watt 6500k cfl's running 18/6 they was vegging for about a month and a week. now i switched to flowering im using 12 13 watt 2500k cfl's im using mg soil mixed with dirt my temps with the lights on is about 83 and off about 73-75 this was all just a experment and a learning process for me next grow i am going all out lol.

    thank to gc and all the people that posts on here you guys/girls are awsome:D
    (i know my plant look small lol i think i stressed them to much)
  2. Looks like a nice little plant to me. Hoping for lots of pistils for you!
  3. thanks i am hoping to.:smoke:
  4. Why not use this girl as a mother plant and get clones off her
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    can i still clone since i started flowering?

    and if so is clone x any good it seems pritty cheap

    (on a side note i topped her and the next day the electric was down for like 6 hrs so i decided to flower will this affect it still splitting at the top?)
  6. I don't think it'll affect it. I think you can clone a flowering plant but its a lot of stress on the plant. Usually clones are best taking during veg since its growing so much
  7. i think ill wait im ordering some white widow from attitude ill clone it:D

    what do you use for cloning?
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    Clonex and a cheap rooting powder for the rooting hormones and these little cubes from the Hydroponics store
  9. thanks for the info.
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    If you take clones, make sure to remember to keep them contained in a humidity dome and keep the lights off them for 48 hours. It makes the plant focus on rooting rather then photosynthesis
  11. Nice looking plant you got there. I see you topped it very nice, hope you get some nice bud from it:smoke:

  12. thanks:D
    yea im hoping it will be allright i topped it and planned on vegging for 3 more weeks and the day after i topped it the a storm hit and the power went out for like 6 hours so i just put in my other cfl's and started flowering lol im hoping it will split right

    does anyone know of some nutes i can get at walmart or any other store i dont live close to any grow shops.
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    Nurserys might have Fox Farm nutes. The one by my house did. You can also order online
  14. FF Trio .. cost you about $45 for the set --> [ame=""][/ame]

  15. honestly its a great looking plant. nodes seem very tight (not always common with cfl grows).

    only thing i would have done different is keep the veg stage going. generally you dont wanna switch to 12/12 right after topping as topping stresses the plant (especially if you play with the light cycle at the same time).

    it probably wont hurt you too much but in the future keep that in mind.

    other than that like i said, great grow for a first timer...better than mine looked i used about the same amount of cfls you did for two plants and i got about 3 1/2 oz and i vegged for 8 weeks
  16. kool ill order some when i get payed

  17. thanks man i will ill keep you guys posted on my grow
  18. 2011-05-11 23.26.06.jpg
    i thought i would add another pic before the lights shut off.
  19. that plant looks way differnt than mine, and i also vegged for about 5 weeks, but i did major lsting, check it out to compare.

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