New to growing - Can I start a hydro-setup with un-germinated-seeds?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by BigToka, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Using a DWC method, as seen here:

    Could I place a seed that hasn't germinated in my medium?

    Or must I germinated my seed first, then place it in?

    OR must I germinated, grow, and sprout, using some other method, then de-root and replant? :confused_2:

    (P.S. : the guide that I followed ^^^ says to "fill the net cup about a third of the way up with grow rocks, lava rocks or any similar medium. Place a cutting of your favorite stain on the rocks, then fill the rest of the cup with your medium" - the thing is, I don't have any- I'm just starting off and all I have are seeds :cry:)

    Thanks if you could help
  2. Germinate the seeds. Get a good tap root going then place into medium such as rockwool cube. Once the seed sprouts and u see a little tap root sticking out the bottom sit it in ur net pot and Fill around with hydraton
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    Thanks for the help, but I still have another question:

    after using the rockwool, do I take the entire rockwool cube out and place it in, cube and all? (I'm concerned because doesn't rockwool get moldy easily?)

    (I hope I don't come off as being stupid, but I'm new to this and would rather ask lots of questions rather then learning through costly mistakes)
  4. I just take the plastic off the 1.5 inch rockwool cube an sit it in about 2 inchs of hydraton/grow rocks. Then just fill in around with said medium
  5. Rockwool is the correct answer.

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