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  1. Ok so I ordered some master kush seeds that should (hopefully) get here to another location in a few weeks. I hear its supposed to be able to grow all year.

    I've done tons and tons of reading on growing indoors and outdoors around this web site and the world wide web. I've read plenty of guides but I'm having trouble putting it all together in a consise step by step matter. Any help would be mad appreciated.

    I picked a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. But about 5-10 hours of direct sunlight. The tempature here is around 75 to 80.

    Now I just have several questions on growing outdoors

    How do I know if my soil is good for growth? It seems right. Clumpy when you grab it yet it falls apart easily. I plan on buying ph testers. But should I be strict and exact before I place the germinated seeds in?

    I plan on growing them in this long carrel like pot. How far apart should I plant the seeds? Which way do they go in? I hear the sprouted side goes in first. How deep do they need to be in? I hear about one inch down.

    From the beginning do I just water them with ordinary water or do I wait further into the growth to start adding in its food i.e. nutrients etc. Specifically what products do I need thats available out here in the U.S.?

    At which phases do I switch up the kind of food it needs? Does my Ph balance tester help decide that? Will I have to move my plants to another spot for less/more sunlight in different phases?

    A link to a simplistic guide would also be appreciated
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    Outdoor Grow Guide

    No offense but with all the reading you have done it seems to me you are overthinking it a bit.
    Most of your questions are legitimate but should have been covered with all the reading you have done.
    Don't worry about the PH values too much!
    If you can grow your plants in a hole in the ground, not in a pot (unless the pot is large enough i.e. the larger the better)
    Water with chlorine free water.
    Use nutes from about after week 2 on. Stay organic with those (much less of a chance of root burn)
    As for what products I recommend: Fox Farm Grow Big/Tiger Bloom (see pics below) and your plants will look as cool as mine :) >>>

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    Yea ahaha I overthink alot. I just wannamake sure I get a potent product in the end .
  4. However I do face one delima since I plan to grow in my backyard. The area where the plants can get direct sunlight is kind right in the open in my backyard. The area where there are trees, brush etc is heavily shaded. What I'm afraid of is getting busted by cops scanning backyards in helicopters. Should I plant some flowers along with my master kush seeds to help disguise them?
  5. Sounds like a good idea if you got copters that fly around, I'd definently put some sort of bushes or shrubbery to help you shield your plants, plus you probably won't want them to be in direct sunlight for too long risking too much watering and the risk of them being burnt by the sun.
  6. Yea the Arizona sun can get pretty hot but its about 70-80 for the time being right now. I think I'm gonna move some other plants in pots next to them or I might place them underneth a clear glass patio table for a while. Theres usually direct sunlight from about 7am/8am to around 4pm/5pm in that area, then the area is shaded because of the sun's position and all that science
  7. Well if I was you I wouldn't have ANYTHING 'compromising' on my property!

    Go to Google Earth, scope out a few potential growing spots, hike there and check them out. Maybe something near water?

    Last but not least do not tell anybody!
  8. there really isnt much outhere but desert. I may grow it over a partners house indoor perhaps. But I think I'm going to go with the risk and grow it next to a whole bunch of random plants in pots and what not in my backyard. and I'll throw in some wildflowers to make it look pretty

    Thanks for all the suggestions

    keep em coming
  9. Keep it decent and a few.

    Choose bushy but short staying strains or LST taller ones!
  10. keep in mind, from the air......nothing else looks like an MJ plant. very distinctive!
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    I might just place them underneth this tree in my backyard theres alot of brush but like I said theres like no sunlight. Growing pot in my backyard seems risky though.
    I might rethink this whole thing and set up a indoor system.

    One thing I'm worried about growing indoors is the odor

    Im growing master kush
  12. I grow a few plants in my back yard and I'm constantly stressed. I feel like the viet cong must have felt every time I hear a helicopter but so far (knock wood) no worries.

    I train my plants to be low and wide and tuck them in among the shrubbery. The beauty of growing in pots is the ability to move things around and even bring them in if things get hairy.

    Good luck and stay calm.
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    I'm thinking about placing them underneth this clear glass patio table back there. Im pretty sure MJ will be hard to spot growing underneth a table. But will this effect its growth as far as sunlight? And another question, I hear master kush grows about 3 or 4 ft. Would be smart to let them grow underneth there? once the plants height have hit the table height, will the plants just kinda grow differently or will this stunt the growth or damage the plants?
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    Height depends not only on the strain but also and in big part on the size of the pot/hole, the ferts and, fimming how much sun they'll get... You need min 5-6 of direct sun hitting most of the plant or the whole plant to get decent results. It still works at 3-4 but much less bud. I start them at home 5 hours) as my yard is in open view to several neigbours. I grow some tomatoes in spring and put my 12 mj in the middle. At 1,5 feet they go out (3-4 sets of leaves) in the bush. The table idea won't work well unless it's transparent or with holes and no sun once they reach it. They need the same amount (or more) of sun until the end. If you have pots, you can start at home and continue in spot 2-3 and them finish them in a sunnier virgin spot #4 (big advantage of pots). You can put them in the shade if gets very hot and you're not there to water. If you don't have a invisible place/good angle in your yard, don't grow there. The table thing is out of the question for me because peole will be intrigued with a plant growing there and the midday sun won't hit them I suppose. Find a stealthy loation with a nearby water source and organize your project around that.
  15. read up on the strain and see if its good for LST
  16. So the plant wont recieve an adaquet amount of sunlight being under a clear glass table? Well I understand its not the same as getting direct light but this wouldnt be a good idea?
  17. My bad. I hadn't read well. Yeah it'll grow fine but how's the neighbour view situation?
    Plant them about 3 feet (or more) apart. Just put the seeds in 2 cms (metric here), just any way. So you don't see them and water gently until they sprout. For helis, yes flowers and things are good but if this in the middle of a big lawn, then no. What's the use of the table if it's transparent (visible from sky and around if people have a view)? The best way is outdoor in the wild if you can imo. Maybe Lst them young and regularly to make them grow like vines almost touching the floor (not touching (mold)). If you're hesitating, that means it's not safe imo. Once they grow for good they'll be very visible. So the question is: do neighbours have a view into the spot? If not, then add lots of pots and things and grow them LST in a 4-5 hour hiddenj spot, not in the middle of the yard next to the pool, sticking out like a soar thumb you know.
  18. Right.

    Sunlight that has gone through glass has certain wavelengths of it filtered out.

    A practical example in very (!) simple words:
    You won't get sunburned sitting behind a window (because all UVB rays being filtered out)
  19. Well I guess it won't grow fine under the transparent table. Lol.

  20. It may - it may not, all depending on the strains light requirements.

    It certainly would grow different (better) in its natural environment i.e. unfiltered sunlight.

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