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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Newtothis5555, Jun 9, 2019.


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  1. Ok so I have kinda a weird situation, I just got my medical card this year so it's my first year growing and I didnt do enough research on how auto flowers work. I started 6 from seed inside in December with some not very strong lights and they didnt grow much they were about 2-3 feet tall and budding in March when I decided hey, its warm enough outside Ill move them out there to finish. Anyways they were really filling in with buds in May when I read about how the light cycle switches around june to send them back to a veg state so I thought hell ill just let them do that and get a much bigger harvest this fall ( I didnt read at the time how this doesnt work for auto flowers) so I did that and they kinda looked like they were. Anyways fast forward to today to learning that and now I was just wondering should I just harvest them all now and start again from seed or should I let them go a little more since they seem like a couple of them are still filling in with buds and the buds they have now are still developing (they have really long redish pink and purples pistils sticking out that look like little flowers stilll growing). Ill post some pics so you know what I mean. I did harvest one plant and hung it up but do you guys think its time to harvest these other ones still growing that Ill post pics of? Anyways any help is very much appreciated, next year will def be better! Thanks again!

    Also, the first 2 pics with the red pistils are the ones still in the ground. The other 3 pics are of the bud I did harvest today off of one other plant. I was just stuck as to whether I should keep going and do the last 2 pics with the whole plant in the picture

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  2. Nice looking plants , lrg for autos .
    Get a way to check your trichomes go from there .

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  3. Wait you telling me those are Autos and are 6 months old? If so then yes i'd think they should be done. 12-14 weeks i think is about the longest period for longest autos, most others are around 10 weeks from seed. I just harvested mine which i started in Mid march.
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  4. I missed the "started in December" part.
    You are probably way overdue .
    If they are auto flowers 92 is the longest I've seen .
    Scope the trichomes probably 100% amber now

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  5. 92 days . ******

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  6. Yes they were started in December from seed but I only had a couple lights on them and the lights were just some I found in the workshop of the house from the previous owner, just house lights too, and they looked real small and pitiful when I took them outside in March but once I did they just exploded with growth. I also started using only koi fish poop water from my pond filters to water them also. But hey, thanks for the advice Im going to go google how to tell if the tri chomes are amber exactly and check that out. Thanks
  7. These two arent doing as well or as full as the other two. The one I harvested today hanging was about as full as these. The final one not pic'd was the worst lol it maybe has 5 grams of bud on it and kinda looks like it might be going back to veg tho. It might be dying tho too like they say auto flowers will, some leaves are turning yellow but ivd been cutting them off.

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  8. Yes, I think maybe the stunted life for the first 3 months delayed their maturity Idk but yes, they are def auto flower, jamaican me crazy to be exact
  9. Ummmm what. ? You started these autos in December? Check and make sure none of them hermied.
    Stunting them would do nothing but make them smaller at harvest. Their internal clock ticks no matter.
    I would be lying if i said i wasn't astounded by their age.

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  10. Could an excess of nitrogen cause this long of a delay in flowering.?
    If you've accidentally found a way to stall the timeframe of an autoflower you could have stumbled on something interesting.
    Or jus a real finicky pheno that needed extra darkness to actually flower..

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