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  1. Hey all,
    First post ever. Im looking for advice on the best equipment to maximize plant health and produce monster yields of bud.

    Ive been growing and tending to plants all my life, so I don't lack experience caring for delicate things. One of my roommates dropped a pot seed in a plant of mine, and you can guess what happened 3 days later. this was not going to be the weed plant I was going to grow, although it got me considering growing myself. Now after a few days of intensive research I figured growing my own marijuana to smoke and sell on the side would not be as arduous as I thought. Now I do realize things can go wrong, but you can take my word that when I take on a project or interest I have the intention of being excellent at that.

    Enough backstory. The internet does hold all the information I need, but what I need now is word from people with first hand experience growing around 6 plants.

    What is your experience with grow tents?
    Do you prefer hydroponics or soil?
    Do you notice difference in yields?
    Which is more time consuming?

    What is a proper tent size for 6 plants? Assuming I want to grow them to their full potential.
    Do you have a favorite tent? Brand? Size?

    Also being that I would like to see these plants reach their full potential, is a 1000 watt light overkill?

    Lastly does anyone know the best growing tutorial book?


  2. **Anything anyone can tell me about the equipment is the most help. All advice or experience is appreciated and nothing is discounted. Thanks. 6 plants remember.

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