NEw to grasscity :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bellymonster26, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Hey im belly :) New to this forum and hope I will learn much from it! I have never cultivated marijuana before (but plan on trying to sometime). I also dont smoke marijuana anymore :p

    I am also a member of the shroomery
  2. Hello, belly, and welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:
    You don't have to smoke to be welcome here. However, be sure to check out the rules. I'm not a member of Shroomery, but I'm guessing people are allowed to discuss all types of substances there. Such is not the case within our fine City. Here, we talk about grass and only grass. Hence the name, GrassCity! :D

    And if cultivation interests you, you couldn't have stumbled on a better resource. We have a rather large section dedicated to everything you could possibly want to know about the growing, harvesting, and curing of our beloved plant. :love: And nowhere else on the web will you find more knowledgeable people to help you along. Be sure to read the stickies posted at the top of the Absolute Beginners forum for growers. They are stuffed with invaluable information.

    Again, welcome to the City. I hope you love it here. :smoke:
  3. Whats up man? How's life? How's Canada treatin' you?
  4. hello and welcome my new friend.

    i seriously cant count how many times ive said that...


    but theres just so many new members!
  5. Wats up Budz! Im Marley from Philly!
  6. Thanks all for the warm welcomes :) And i did not know that this forum was for grass only hah. The cultivation of marijuana looks alot more difficult then the cultivation of mushrooms :p
  7. Lol i wouldnt know. I started a mj grow. And its going great. But never looked into anything else.
  8. Fellow Canadian!

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