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  1. I live in texas and have been smoking for only about 2 years but Im hi almost all the time!! haha
  2. Welcome man from indianapolis :)

  3. Thanks dude anyone else from Texas?
  4. I'm from Texas. I'm just as new as you are lol what part of Texas are you in?
  5. I live in spring Texas its next to Houston what about you?
  6. I live in Atascocita, just down 1960 from you lol
  7. That's close to me!!! I live on luetta lol isn't atascocita in humble?
  8. Kinda. It's right next to it. I'm at the edges of Atascocita and Humble.
  9. i know where that is thats cool didnt think id see anyone on here who lives close
  10. Yeah I figured there would be tons of people in Texas, but no one so close. You have a decent dealer? Because I don't :(
  11. Mine is ok i usually just buy some reggie from him and its 40 an oz but i texted him yesterday and didnt get a reply, I have another one that has high prices but good stuff i havent talked to him in a while though
  12. The last time I wanted an ounce it was going to be $60. I didn't end up getting it though lol
  13. Welcome to the city.

    Hows texas? Id love to live somewhere else but im currently stuck in Massachusetts.

    How are the stars in texas?
  14. Plano, Texas is where it's at :smoke:
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    Haha I love buying a nice ounce then goin home to smoke u don't have a dealer cyro? And I get a little sick of the heat in Texas
  16. Anyone here from Toronto? :p
  17. Yeah, I don't have a dealer :/
    Texas is alright. It gets really hot, but I like it here anyway for some reason. I'd rather be in a different part of Texas though. I really like the Austin area.
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    The stars at night
    Are big and bright
    *clap clap clap clap*
    Deep in the heart of Texas

    And I live in san Antonio Texas
  19. o dude i love san antonio its so fun down there have you eaten at that dicks restraunt thats on the river where they make fun of you i love that place! sorry i just smoked a pretty good bowl :smoking:
  20. From Ga but hows Tx?

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