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New to grasscity

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ZenBrah, May 16, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone. Here from Yahooka. I heard some things about Grasscity, some good some bad. What most stuck in my mind was the fact that there is a lot more peace and love here than at Yahooka. So I figured I'd take a look. Hope what they say is right. see you around the boards. peace.
  2. there is lots of peace here, and lots of cool stoners. welcome and have fun :)

  3. Welcome to the city. Stay if you like nice friendly folks.. We are the "adults" of the MJ forums!
  4. hellhigho! welcome to the city of stoners :D glad to see youve made it!

  5. yes, if you dont like being confused, and wondering why things are the way they are, beware of digit in the philosiphy forum:eek:. your head will explode from his mind altering theorys (gotta love 'em:D)
  6. Welcome to our little home on the 'Net. Enjoy your time here friend.
  7. looks like i need to find digit. lol. thanks guys. peace.
  8. haha welcome to the city and hope i see ya around!

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