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  1. Hey there,
    I'm Nat, 26, resident of Ontario. Married, have a 2 year old. Work as a commercial producer.
    Been smoking for about 10 years, a lot more frequently in the past 5 years or so. Took a dry spell for almost 2 years though for a baby. I suffer from headaches a lot and just recently went through a hospitalization and diagnosis of IIH (intercranial hypertension). Basically I have too much spinal fluid pressure in my brain and when it spikes (or can be because it's too low too) it causes brain tumour like symptoms. Anyways, it's crazy. My brother just recently had a brain tumour diagnosis so it was a really fast process. 
    The meds for it give me some weird side effects and I can numb them if I smoke. That's a nice bonus!
    Anyways, that's me!

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    Welcome to GC! You'll probably enjoy browsing some of the medical articles on here. There's a member named granny storm crow who assembled an awesome compilation of medical applications of marijuana. 
    Anyways, enjoy!
  3. welcome to GC :smoke:
  4. Let's see what StormCrow pulls up for this patient!
  5. Welcome to GC!
  6. Welcome Nat.
    Commercial producer, yet you only have 1 two year old? :eek:  J/K.
    In all seriousness, Welcome to the City. Please take a few minutes to read the forum guidelines, it will make your stay much more pleasant.
    They can be found in the stickies in many of the forums (other good info there too).
    Sorry to hear about your headaches, but I am glad you discovered how to relieve the pressure. Storm Crow, or Granny as we like to call her, is an active proponent of medical marijuana. She has a ton of references and also discovered early on the goodness in the herb.
    Dang a whole herd of welcoming ninja's. :laughing:  :laughing:
    Again, enjoy your travels. :smoke:
  7. welcome to the city, its nice here 

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