new to grasscity coming from rollitup.. my current plant LIFE

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  1. I've been growing for close to 10 years off n on. at the moment I have 25 I believe dream queen & 1 gorilla glue, & 2 grand daddy purp. i am using House & Garden nutrient line. i an currently in my 2nd week of flower. also, this is my first full run that i have cO2 running. take a look and let me know your input. i have attempted to hook up a feed line using 6" halos to each plant.
    there sunlight is 4 1000 watt HPS & 1 1000 WATT GAVITA. . .. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. Looking good. Welcome to Grasscity.

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  3. the world needs more gorilla glue

    you keep on keepin on, man
  4. Looking quite nice over there, for sure!
    Love the water ring

    Re-Start Grow #1

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