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Discussion in 'General' started by rawpride, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Hi, I'm new to this page and forum. I was wondering if I ordered a bowl from to be shipped to Illinois, USA, would I likely recieve it? Is there a chance it will be confiscated at customs? Anyone else who has orderded, does the product come in an unmarked package?

    One last question, the product I want in the color I want is currently out of stock, how often do they update stock?

  2. hey welcome and no u will get it it can be shipped as long as its clean because its for "tobacco use" , i dont know abut the rest of ur questins but hey enjoy the forum and read rules first so you dont get banned alot of people are getting banned because they dont follow the rules
  3. Thanks, I went over them briefly. I don't expect to have any problems.

    Has anyone from the US ordered from this site? I am changing residence in a month so I am wondering if I order something soon, it will arrive before I move.
  4. The package should come within a month, considering that shipping shouldnt take more than a week or two.

    I think i heard that it comes in a completely unmarked package (relating to the contents within)
  5. Thanks again, I hope stock for the color I like comes in soon.
  6. yeah buying from the city is totally safe. i bought a bong slide and it comes in an un-marked box and the item has a "For tobacco use only" sticker on it making it completly legal. since superjoint (the site owner) is out of the US, it takes about 2-3 weeks from the time you order it to recive it to your door. took me 11 buisness days.

    welcome to the city :hello:
  7. dirtybongwater ordered from the site as well. She has pictures up of the packaging.. Looks like a plain box to me ^-^ I believe its unmarked *or concealed* on your credit card statement as well.

    Yep, they can't do shit about glass going through customs, even if they're in a bad mood.
    There's a reason for that, too.

    If customs officials withhold a package for suspicion that it may carry drugs (which is legal for them to do), and they search it and find nothing (not even a scent), meaning it's a completely clean piece, but they still do not ship it and hold it in customs, the person liable could be sued by you personally for alot of money and I do mean a LOT of fucking money. This has happened in the past.

    It's a clean piece, brand new, not even used rpeviously with tobacco (Which is the City's policy), and Customs has absolutely NO right to detain it from its destination.

    And if a pipe has a sticker on it that says 'For Tobacco Use Only', no one will risk their career to keep it from you.

    Enjoy your GrassCity pipe.

    Random Knowledge from Durchii.....
  8. Awesome, thanks alot everyone. Well I can't wait for the pipe I want to restock then.

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