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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Hempfest09, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hello, Im new to Grass City and wanted to say hi to everyone and say that this sight is GREAT
  2. Hello I just joined today too. (after lurking for awhile)

    Some stuff is still confusing to me
  3. Welcome both of you!
  4. Thanx. Yea some stuff is still new to me too but i love this website. Everyone is so nice and relaxed. Other sites are always having people that aren't very nice and hate on everyone.
  5. Yea im a newbie to! the site is great so much good info and ppl 2!
  6. Im in Jersey waiting for the medical mari jane law to hit soon,,,,does anyone have any 411 on buying seeds on line???
  7. Im in jersey to for the moment. what part of jerz are you blazen in ?

  8. They need to do something!!!!
    Yea Ive seen the Aero garden! Let me know how it goes?!
  9. I do know that it passed in 2 houses in Trenton, and the Gov. asked for more time to put into where it's grown.....Rutgers was going to do it but for some reason backed out so we just need 3 places toget the medical weed;)

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