New to Georgia, New Grower

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Just moved to Athens, Georgia. Seasoned smoker from Ohio, now totally out of my element.

    Came down here all "prepared," with a nice 400W MH, 400W HPS, a "Garden of Ease" 4-plant hydro-type system, and a bag full of seeds.

    Started some seedlings started when I got here, and a few days later setup my small grow closet - within a day, the 400W MH got so hot it killed one baby and nearly did in the others. So now I'm trying CFL, hoping it will get me something. Just started following KamelRedLight's CFL Guide, have 4 6500K 26W and 1 2700K 26W all on the 3 babies I have now, with some fans and a much more manageable temperature, and some sensigrow (A & B).

    So, not a drinker or party-er, just a pothead without pot now :-(

    if anyone also has any advice on this grow method, OR where I should look for reefer around here, please let me know - I know grasscity isn't a hookup place and I'm not looking for that HERE, but any advice on general direction in Athens or Atlanta would be awesome.

    Thanks for ANY help or advice!
  2. Well, you sir are in Athens. So you shouldn't have to hard of a time. Look in the college town bars and just ask around man.. just watch for the police we have much stricter laws then Ohio.
  3. Thanks for the advice on the laws, checked out how much stricter they are, makes my paranoia even worse - had the same buddy for like 15 years as my hookup in Ohio, now I'm like 500 miles away and we're sketchy on both ends about shipping, especially with GA laws. To be honest I wouldn't even know how to strike up a conversation about it without looking shady

    Working on my doctorate now, asking around with undergrads is probably a bad idea; as far as my colleagues go I'm a student-nerd. Feel like I'm in this town with tons of reefer yet I am powerless to do anything about being empty - wish there were some like-minded tokers around here I could find.....

    I should clarify about my grow setup that the 3 current babies survived the extreme heat; they are now under the 5 CFLs, will send a pic shortly of my current setup.

    Keeping an eye on solution PPM (~1000), closet temp (~75-85 or so), solution pH (6.0 +/- 0.5). Have a HEPA filter going (NO ionizer), helping get rid of the hot air. Used sensigrow A & B for now, have sensibloom A & B waiting for flowering, if the CFLs are indeed powerful enough to give me a worthwhile yield.
  4. Yeah, I bet it is tough coming from Ohio laws to Georgia laws.. but really I think in Athens as long as your cool about it / careful you should be cool. I am in an Atlanta suburb and we get a lot of mushrooms / some buds from athens... its a college town.. just play it right scope out the scene then decide who to talk to.. hope it helps.

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