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  1. My name is Angelina and I'm pretty new to this forum. I work at. A law firm so the only unstressful time of my day is when I can kick back and roll a joint... Or take a hit from my Sherlock Holmes pipe.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say how stoked I am to read about everyone's high ideas and music they listen to while blazing.

    So excited to be here!

  2. If that's you in that picture you look extremely baked :laughing:
    You'll fit right in here
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    Yep. Haha

  4. Welcome to Grasscity! :)
  5. Welcome. I am also a newbie here. I like the forums. Some interesting real life content.
  6. Hey all I am John,
    I'm new to GC too. I live in Tempe AZ moved here about 3 years ago and didn't get to blaze cause I had to find work... 👎...well I blazed for the first time in 3 years about a week ago and let me tell ya.. I was higher than 10 hippies in a helicopter.. It was nice.. Hahah well I look forward to chatting with you all and possibly meeting fellow Arizonians.. Untill then blaze on my friends blaze on..


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