New to GC, n00b to growing aswell

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    Hello everyone, just thought I would say hi. Currently attempting my first grow. It's going decent (pictures below)
    Today I added a 2nd grow box for veg:

    Have a stealth veg box which is a computer case, running 1 exhaust 1 intake from old computer fans, and 2 27w CFL's. The little guys in the picture are now in my veg box which is on 20/4.

    Grow box is about 2 foot wide, 3 foot tall, running 2 27w CFL's and 3 35w CFL's
    Have a couple good flowers going from bagseed. found 2 seeds in a quad of kush I bought. (can anyone verify what strain it looks like?) I had it mixed in with some other seeds before I began growing. But it looks like decent bud.

    Anyways, just saying hi, and suggestions are welcome. Also I'm from Michigan.

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